Dear Polly 
Vilhelm Parfumerie (2015)

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Vilhelm Parfumerie
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Jan Ahlgren
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The company say:

Dear Polly is a love letter in scent to my wife. Black tea, like the brew with which she awakes each morning, immediately warms the skin. Top notes of apple and bergamot create a sense of familiarity, while sensuous musk introduces complexity. Finally, it finds its resolution in a voluptuous spice, as piquantly punctuated as it is seductively honeyed. Familiar and new, comfortable and invigorating, it is a fragrant brew for two: lovers can wear it and recall each other. Even with distance they’re never apart.

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Reviews of Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie

There are 2 reviews of Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie.

A wonderful Western style tea very true to Ceylon served black with only a hint of sweetness. Intricate, with a disciplined hand on the supporting notes that never threaten to eclipse the gorgeous dark fermented tea. Where Xerjoff went wrong with its version named Ceylon by overworking honey turned up to full tilt, Dear Polly is a soft true Ceylon. One of the few perfumes I find lives up the the claim “sensuous.”
Jul 5, 2021

Dear Polly is one of the better scents from Vilhelm Parfums and I recommend it highly along with Morning Chess and Black Citrus. The scent tree says green apple plus bergamot, black tea and black Amber. If you think about these notes the result is a very dry green and smokey, deconstructed vetiver style soft green scent. A smokey green vetiver is what I get from Dear Polly - a smokey green like in Sammarco's Vitrum or one of the Turtle Vetivers but the dryness of black tea smoke keeps it softer, off the ground and more in the air. The green is tart green apple and the black tea is dry and bitter but with little intensity. I am reminded of a Japanese garden in character and politeness. A beautiful soft green natural aroma with a soft dry dark smoke aura is the result - very successful!
Feb 4, 2017

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