David Beckham Homme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus, ginger, szechuan pepper
  • Heart

    • cashmere, leather, rosemary
  • Base

    • mahogany, patchouli, musk

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Peppery, fruitless
Pencil-woody Aventus
In 9IX style.
22nd November 2018
Very good for the price, citrus and wood is what I get, everything has been rounded out and prevented from being harsh by a touch of leather I'm presuming. Smells somewhere between dish washing liquid and terre de hermes, creates a very pleasent silage but sniffed up close it isn't very pleasent to my nose. For me at this price point (which is ridiculous) Beckham homme is a good choice, not better than instinct or intimately tho. 3 hrs on my skin with an hour of projection.
2nd September 2018

Woody, citrusy, a little spicy, and little dull.. If you're familiar with Terre d'Hermes then you'll find this to be a fresher, easier and less mineral-y version.

I think it's much harder to find a 5-star casual signature scent than it is to find a 5-star formal signature scent. Not saying this is 5-star worthy in my book, but its quite a pleasant easy and refreshing scent to wear on the daily, especially due to the $15 price tag. I'll give it a thumbs up for being easy and masculine I guess.
6th March 2018
Open up with nice clean citrus and then dries down to sweet and spicy. Does not project much but hangs around for a few hours. Reminds me of a watered-down Ferrari Uomo, which is a more versatile/wearable version of Fahrenheit. I'm surprised to not see violet leaf in the notes.
10th December 2016
'Homme' by David Beckham was my first foray into Beckham fragrances. Prices for his signature scents are really great values, and most of them smell quite fantastic and sexy despite their mediocre performance. Women go crazy over Beckham scents, and as soon as you mention his name as the cologne they get even wilder.

'Homme' is basically a weaker version of 'Quorum Silver' by Antonio Puig. Initial notes are cedar, ginger, pepper and a splash of citrus. It takes a few moments to calm down, but thirty minutes later the pepper becomes more pronounced and the cedarwood takes over the show for the most part.

It smells very good, and is very nice for about four hours, then sadly the party dies down a bit and becomes a skin scent for the next couple hours until its over. Longevity with a fairly liberal application of a dozen plus sprays to neck, shoulders, chest and wrists is about 4-6 hours, and a good 6-8+ hours on clothes and jackets.

Projection and sillage is somewhat mediocre, but perhaps due to the subtle nature of this scent and my preference for powerhouse fragrances it may just be my personal opinion.

By comparison, 'Quorum Silver' lasts a good 8-10+ hours, with a heavy hand you'll get at least 12+ hours plus its a good 48-72+ hours on clothes and jackets. Constant projection and well above average sillage. Both are about the same price.

'Homme' by no means smells cheap, and it does get quite a few compliments without being overpowering or offensive so its perfect for the gym, a short lunch or dinner date, birthday and holiday parties or before bed.

However, there's not quite enough staying power or projection for a night out in my opinion. You would need a second bottle to reapply around lunchtime or midnight to get a full day or evening out of this one.

For the price though, its ideal to stick this in your gym bag, spray yourself down in the locker room and not smell like a musty pair of socks while lifting weights. If you love this smell but want something stronger, get 'Quorum Silver'. You will not be disappointed.
31st October 2016
Found this Gem when digging through the bargain bin at my local Chemist. A $12 fragrence from Pierre Negrin, yes please! Was searching for something to just throw in my gym bag, or a light and easy casual frag. This out performed all of the other cheap fragrances Such as the likes of Nautica Voyage. Given the price range this is aimed at i don't think Pierre could have constructed a better fragrance.
Like others have said it is basically Terre d'Hermes Eau. Disregard who's name is on the bottle.
21st September 2016
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