Dates Delight 
House of Oud (2016)

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Reviews of Dates Delight by House of Oud

There are 1 reviews of Dates Delight by House of Oud.

A beautiful full bodied warm rich gourmndy oriental,like dates wrapped with a deliciously thick layer of caramel,stuffed with toasted almonds that reminds me of Ramadan. unusual,definitely not your typical sweet gourmand's very interesting smelling,quite complex,but not too confusing

It has a very natural sweetness of dates,dark honey,spicy cinnamon and almond like tonka.the base of the perfume is very warm and well balanced and i can detect a musky,benzoin, blended with sugar,laid to rest on an inviting vanilla bed.she is a oriental woman who would never tolerate being called girl,she does care about the roles of tradition society.she is also very seductive and has a good longevity and huge sillage.
Apr 26, 2021

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