Dark Purple / Black Purple 
Montale (2011)

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Reviews of Dark Purple / Black Purple by Montale

There are 11 reviews of Dark Purple / Black Purple by Montale.

In the pantheon of Montale's rose/saffron/patchouli/oud/violet perfumes, Dark Purple is their goth fruitchouli.

It's clearly inspired by the Feminite Du Bois genre, featuring that dark, jammy, beautiful sludge that happens when rose, violet, and plum meet patchouli. But instead of Feminite's aldehydes, Dark Purple uses sharp saffron and lightly fecal oud for sharpness on top. As such, it's darker and decidedly more goth than it's sisters.

Personally, in these sorts of perfumes, I find the counterbalance between sparkling lightness and dark to be the most interesting part, and Dark Purple lacks that - it's painted in all dark tones. That being said, for fans of Tom Ford's Purple Patchouli or Noir De Noir, this could be a good fit.
Sep 7, 2020

Heavy rose opening with plenty of potpourri florals. Not overly medicinal though, which is good, as there are some pleasant sweet and fruity musks. Heavy projection, heavy scent, not fresh, clean or appropriate for close-quarters.

I find it leans fem, but I'm sure guys could pull this off.

Performance is big on projection and longevity. Two sample sprays last all day.
Sep 10, 2019

I smell rose, patchouli, wood, amber, and geranium. I don't get any plum. Bummer. Still -- I do like it for what it is. Dark and brooding.
Oct 26, 2017

A nice fruity-rosy combo, Montale Dark Purple hits on a couple of spots in which the house tends to succeed.

A plum opening is a sweet start, a mixed floral heart dominated by rose is most of what I associate with this fragrance, and a woody musky dry down gives it a soft landing place. Pleasant from start to finish.

In Dark Purple, though, I don't feel they've accomplished something all that special but rather created another pleasant entry that, while perhaps suiting some wearers perfectly, very much mimics a lot of their catalog, but as far as adding volume to their catalog, Dark Purple is not an unworthy entry. And as usual with Montales, it's a great performer.

It's surely worth trying, as it might fit the bill perfectly for you, and compared to other niche, is moderately priced (currently only $95 for 100ml on Notino), but I've personally found various other better sweet rose fragrances on the market that I prefer, such as Tom Ford Noir de Noir and Cafe Rose, and Armani Prive Rose d'Arabie.

7 out of 10
May 12, 2017

perfume whose structure supports the patchouli-rose combo. It feels a little more feminine by the fruity tones (mainly plum) that here nicely contrast to the rough trail of patchouli.The overall feeling is very positive though perhaps you are missing something less linearity because , as many Montales, at the end, result in the same places.
Dec 30, 2013

Wow!!Superb. this is my 2nd blind buy from Montale.1st being Full Incense..Neither are watered down..This lasts forever and the plum and red fruit notes last the duration of the scent..Very unisex but I love it..a masterpiece..now I must try Tom Ford's Plum scent..Pros: Plum at it's best!!Cons: can be cloying at times"
Oct 26, 2013

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