Dark Kiss fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, incense, mirabelle plum, blackberry
  • Heart

    • amber, burgundy rose, geranium, peony
  • Base

    • vanilla, labdanum, vetiver, balsam, musk

Latest Reviews of Dark Kiss

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A beautiful young woman who is idly lying on the moss,drinking premium rum,slowly eating and enjoying sweet fruits & nectar,sniffing golden pollen & dust.very creamy-kind-of velvety in a super soft femme kinda way. it reminds me of celebrity fragrances but it's not be as sickly or too sweet like most of them. Dark Kiss dares to be different and packs a punch it's own way.

Opens strong from the succulent fruits and,turns into a honeyed, boozy vanilla with that velvety rose note.i get a warm balsamic base.the balsam peru is pretty detectable.it's very feminine without having any soapy notes, just that the rose handled in a way that very little of the underlying dirtiness is detectable.totally Nice concoction,but not an extraordinary one.
14th August 2021
Can't believe nobody else has reviewed Dark Kiss yet. It is marketed toward females, but I consider it to be unisex. Bath and Body Works own website says Dark Kiss is: A tempting blend of black raspberry, Mirabelle plum, amber, dark vanilla bean, and sensual balsam. I made the mistake of trying the shower gel first, and assuming the EDT would be similar, I was wrong. The shower gel has a nice cherry vanilla vibe, but the EDT smells mostly vanilla to me. VERY disappointing because the shower gel is actually awesome. But still, Dark Kiss is a nice berry/vanilla fragrance. Nice, but certainly not worth seeking out.
28th February 2014