Dark Cherry & Amber fragrance notes

  • Head

    • black cherry, freesia
  • Heart

    • cherry blossom, praline
  • Base

    • blonde cedar, red amber

Latest Reviews of Dark Cherry & Amber

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I had high hopes for this cherry and amber fragrance, but am disappointed. This was a blind buy that I regret, and I will be giving this away. I was very turned off by the opening notes - a harsh, cough drop type of cherry smell that is very synthetic, and not in the least pleasant, not even on the dry down. The amber is similarly unpleasant and harsh, then fades off to almost nothing but a faint almond smell that sits very close to the skin. This fragrance might have been nice as a shower gel, but it doesn't work as personal fragrance or even as a hair and body mist. I would not recommend blind buying this, although there doesn't seem to be a way of getting samples of it, so I recommend just passing this one by. If you're looking for a pleasant cherry fragrance, this is not it.
19th March 2022
People seem a little divided on this one. For me, this is one of my favorites from Banana Republic's "Icon Collection". I actually love it for similar reasons as its sister fragrance "Tobacco & Tonka Bean", for having a lovely juicy opening that fades into a pleasantly sweet drydown. People knock on it for its performance, and I do admit that opening (addictive) blast of sweet cherry fades relatively quickly. But I love that blast while it lasts, and I think it still has a light cherry and praline vibe mixed in with the amber drydown. I do get a decent longevity out of the drydown, and it's the kind of scent that likes to stick to clothes. And yeah, the cherry is totally synthetic, about as real as cherry candy. I don't care, I still think it smells great, on guys or girls (and it's worth mentioning that I had one female friend who went a little nuts smelling it on me). Recommended as a fantastic cheapie. Keep an eye out for it at rack stores, that's where you can find the best price.
30th January 2022

A Cherry Coke float that becomes cherry pie ala mode.

The cherry starts a little medicinal, like a cough drop, but brightens and sweetens up as the cola vibe fizzes in. Some effervescence here that persists as the praline enters and leaves the picture. Once the amber and vanilla enter the picture, it's cherry pie ala mode through the dry down, eventually flattening out to pale white musk. Quite pleasant. I like to wear it before bed. It's relaxing and nice to catch wafts of whilst entering dreamland.

Not a powerhouse by any means, but there's more here than meets the nose (at first). This deepens a little and then broadens over time, and while projection isn't great, it's still on your skin 6+ hours after you spray it.

If you're already a little nose blind from smelling or wearing other stuff, don't spritz this. Give this your undivided attention and I think you'll find it fresh and wearable.

EDIT: I ended up trading it away. It’s novel, but I wasn’t wearing it.

1st June 2021
Banana Republic Dark Cherry & Amber is a 2019 release from the Icon Collection that I blind bought via the grey market and at its pricing ($40 to $45 for 75ml on FragranceNet), it's a very good deal, a satisfying cherry fragrance with woody and resinous hints.

The cherry is not especially sweet or boozy, nor is it particularly tart, a rather middle-of-the-road, shower-gel-safe, but still interesting cherry expression that smells somewhat authentic yet not completely so. It definitely has the feel of a bath and body type of scent rather than a personal perfume, but that's okay for casual situations, and the price is reasonable for the product.

6 out of 10

8th March 2021
Smells generic and almost novelty-like, similar to a candle or hand lotion at Bath & Body. More amber than cherry and doesn't have the sweetness I was expecting. It's a good smell but it's just a scent, not masculine or feminine and not necessarily an enhancement to your overall presentation.

Projection is low to average. I was thinking this would be heavier or darker but it's kinda light and faint. Does not have that edible, gourmand feel that I was expecting.
1st March 2020