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Dark by Andrea Maack

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Dark is heavily oxidized rose mixed with violets and leather. It's a take on a classic rose note, a bloody, flowery, leathery, seductive perfume with a purpose. The heavy metallic note brings a surprise while its animalistic and powdery side suggests certain comfort. Dark is a scent with a mind of its own, and it can take you to places you never dreamed of going.

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Reviews of Dark by Andrea Maack

There are 4 reviews of Dark by Andrea Maack.

I loved this subtle, sophisticated fruit scent. Most fruity perfumes are cloying and overwhelming, but not this one. Like other reviewers have noted, the main perceptible note is grapefruit, but it is a delightful, sweet grapefruit well-cut by the rose, woods, and florals. This is a perfect scent for year-round, but particularly spring and summer. Truly different from eau scents, sweet and mysterious. I love it.

Ghosty sharp abstract rose
A dark, opaque, aqueous (kind of citrusy and ambery/peppery) rose for us. A victorian/aldehydic silent rose enveloped by a black capote. The pepper is notable, shadowy and vaguely "airy and hairy" at the beginning as well as the "gassy" and molecular/volatile influence produced by the aldehydes. There is a slightly pharmaceutical effect for a while in the ghosty air. This rose is sharp/juicy because of the tart fruits and citrus (grapefruit and lemon more than orange or mandarine, at least at the beginning), it is kind of..."irony/grassy" at once, it is namely at the same time classic (with an aldehydic vibe) and post-industrial as bursting electricity in the air. This misanthropic rose is in substance dusty/cedary with an initial powerful indolic vibe which turns out almost plastic, in a sort of distinctive "burnt wires-plastic" effect (a vibe which reminds me vaguely for a while Odeur 71 Comme des Garcons) after an electric short circuit, an ostensibly "synthetic type" of xerox-toner smell. The sparkling plasticity recedes a bit along the trip and you can detect a final sombre rose/ambergris combination a bit denser but still lemony (crisp), cedary and tea-like, vaguely a la Paco (by Paco Rabanne) in the dry down. I imagine the ghost of a rose in the middle of the fog, a solitary wanderer of the computers graveyards. Minimalistic, bare and linear in the final aroma. Really dark, saturnine and obscure in a fluidy way. Poor longevity on my skin, a pity.
Pros: Aqueous, sharp and balanced
Cons: Any"

Like another reviewer said, "Nothing dark here..." It is a blast of grapefruit and citrus. There is some rose lightly hiding with apple. Nice, sort of feminine, not for me

There's nothing dark about this fragrance so I guess the name's supposed to be a joke.The notes say mandarin and petitgrain but all I get is GRAPEFRUIT!!! with a warm undertone of cedarwood. Very sporty-fresh and bright, might be refreshing for summer but it's not a "cool" scent - it's more of a warm citrus like some classic citrusy-spicy colognes. The citrus note is not very "classic" though - the, to my nose, distinct grapefruit makes me think of a dozen modern mainstream masculine fragrances. Well done, though, and doesn't smell of locker room but I don't particularly see a need for it on the market.

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