Dark Aoud 
Montale (2011)

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Dark Aoud by Montale

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Reviews of Dark Aoud by Montale

There are 53 reviews of Dark Aoud by Montale.

Wood, oud and pepper - this is the triad that greet me in the opening blast. The wood is a mix of a dry sandalwood, touches of teakwood, and, of course, the oud. Whilst the first two and quite nicely done, the oud is also a good version of this wood that is currently so popular. It lacks and kindness, screechiness, or intrusiveness, has a slightly creamy texture and is blending in well with the rest of the gang - a team player oud so to speak. This out is rather nuanced, and I would not be surprised if Montale is using some small amount of natural oud here too; the performance is less than in many synthetic oud products, which points in the same direction. The creaminess is enhanced by a saffron component that develops further down the olfactory track, and a restrained note of black pepper is interwoven with the wood triad.

Later on a slightly earthy vetiver adds some brightness, with a smooth suede added that works well with the oud. An ambery hint comes and goes, whilst I get a slight impression of a dry dustiness towards the end of this olfactory sojourn.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A delectable autumnal out creation that is composed of a good-quality oud that is blended well and displays some original touches. A good Montale. 3.25/5

This one is dreadful to me. When you spray it on, it smells like that of a freshly-opened summer sausage. Total scrubber. I really liked the black oud decant I ordered alongside this though. Montale has a good grasp on the oud fragrance market so I would recommend trying some of their others over this.

The immeasurably Dark Aoud encapsulates the Montale designer oud essence with a whole lotta of Mysore and spicy bits. The opening rush is a dance of honeyed saffron and black pepper that rumbas cheek to cheek to an ambery shake with leathery fumed teakwood and vetiver, whereby the resulting vapour of coffee-esque petrol makes its way into the Montale ballroom of leather-oud chaps and widely parched santal hips. The final number is dusty dry yet chocolaty rich and full of an opulent presence. This is scent that wears nicely in the cool with eternal abandon and adds more than an inch to one's wooden heel. I would say it is a darn priestly come hither of a scent!

I sampled this along with Black Aoud and Full Incense. I liked the other two a lot (one potent rose oud, one potent incensy). But I didn't like this one at all: at least on my skin and to my nose it went rapidly to a sour-sweat drydown which reminded me of the equally unpleasant end-destination of Aramis. Not for me.

Did a blind buy of this because I do love oud and I do love wood... and I'm testing it out today at work but definitely I'm enjoying it so far and so did my roommate this morning when I walked out... so, so far it's a thumbs up for me.

Picked up a sample of this.....

This fragrance reminds me of Aoud Vanille from the house of Mancera (Montale's sister store/brand). Rosy but not completely floral, dark even slightly sharp but not harsh, sweet but not syrupy.

I love the masterfully blended notes of Sandalwood, Oud, Black Pepper, Saffron, Vetiver, and Leather. With these notes, you get the leather but a bright rosy feel as the dry down emerges. Afterwards, this beautiful sweet slightly powdery aroma envelops and it's very intriguing.

Dark Aoud, again reminds me of Aoud Vanille; Not sure if I need this since I have Aoud Vanille....we'll see! Overall, great fragrance!

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