Dark Amber & Oud fragrance notes

    • oud, amber, woods

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D'ark and D'amb'ry D'oud, they say
Not so sure I feel that way
Nonetheless it smells quite nice
Nicer still at lesser price

Wifey likes it well enough
Not so all of Wexner's stuff
Though't be wat'ry, weak and thin
Somehow this stuff makes me grin

Bathlinade and not much more
Smell the missing notes galore
D'ark and d'amber? Sure, Jan, sure
Rainy oud wood's just a lure

Still by gum, it still smells good
Synthy, rubb'ry, amb'ry wood
Not quite Noir, nor note quit 'nure
D'Oud to drydown doth endure

Not much D'oud 'na spray to WIF
Crisper D'ambers one will sniff
Still for artificial c'lognes
Nein of D'Ouds beats none of Y'Own's!
29th April 2023