Dark Amber fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot
  • Heart

    • apple, fresh air
  • Base

    • warm amber

Latest Reviews of Dark Amber

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So the longevity of this short lived...but then again we've come to expect that from Bath and Body Works, have we not?

The scent itself reminds me of those Christmas candles with the addition of lemon (bergamot). That said, when I smell this I want to gnaw my own arm off. Definitely a sweeter almost a boozey smell...but not in an offensive way. (Similar to Spark but a bit brighter at not as gourmand.)

Just wish it lasted longer.
14th August 2014
Smells the best out of all the Bath and Body stuff I smelled while in store getting a few last minute things for the wifey. One or two other scents were ok, this one made me buy. Got 3.4 oz for $29.99, then got a matching full size body wash for free, $11 value. Ok, so now for the smell. It could be in the same family as say Pasha or Safari. I possibly detect something Curve-like to it as well. Very nice, got two compliments on first wear. Longevity is poor, only lasted on me about an hour or so, but man does it smell good!
24th December 2012

This smells great for about 30 minutes then poof...all done..
5th November 2012