Dans tes Bras 
Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle (2008)

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Dans tes Bras by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

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Dans tes Bras is a women's perfume launched in 2008 by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

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Reviews of Dans tes Bras by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

There are 40 reviews of Dans tes Bras by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle.

It reminds me a lot of spring here in Sweden, days where it's not very warm yet and the temperature might still oscillate a lot. The ground might be warm but the rain cold, the ground cold and wet but sunshine now heating it up, the air might be warm and full of sun but suddenly a cold salty breeze hits (salt that was put on the roads during winter). Birch twigs, wet pavement, pine needles, violet candy, sunshine and rain, salty intimate skin that is slightly sour (perhaps female genitalia that is as clean as possible).

Around Easter we used to have an old dusty metal bucket we put water in and birch twigs to let them bloom out. In April a small boutique near the woods and the mine opened for the first time of the year, selling violet candy among other things.

With that said this smells like something that might come out of an aerosol can (not sure what, I said hairspray before but I do not think such an hairspray exists) at the same time as there is natural smelling green and floral parts. I also agree with Bavard, this feels very wearable and modern.

I get good longevity, and initially the potential for massive projection and sillage which then calms down into the moderate category within an hour or two.

As far as being perceived as too masculine or too feminine this one could go either way. It has a very musky and green quality. But also a very floral quality. When I smell this on paper the floral opening sticks around forever and it doesn't really evolve. On my skin it quite quickly evolves towards notes more typically associated with masculine fragrance. The very noticeable violet fades rather quickly for me. Maybe if you put it on skin rather than on clothes or hair you could get a more masculine vibe from it.

The name discussion... Longing or an embrace within a
dream is how I interpret the fragrance in relation to
the name.

Mother and Child by a Fountain Pablo Picasso 1901

The opening is an unusual floral mix, based on a foundation of a herbal violet with jasmine in the background; this is perked up by touches of bergamot.

The drydown is sporting a synthetic sandalwood, which is a convincing as a synthetic sandalwood can be - and that is not very convincing at all. Attempts to at a rather dull spiciness cannot be said to be successful on my skin. Whatever the base adds in white musks does not raise my eyebrows either.

I get moderate sillage, fairly adequate projection and nine hours of longevity.

As fora daytime spring scent the opening is passable, although it is a bit in the weak side. The subsequent development remains thin and synthetic; the latter characteristic is not particularly unpleasant but that is all. Most of its ingredients are quite generic. 2.5/5.

Not the worst fragrance I've ever tried but I'm regretting my blind buy. Heard good things about this one and as my signature fragrance for several years has been Portrait of a Lady, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

It's just not me. To my nose it's just cold, cold, cold. This fragrance doesn't possess the soul of POAL. I'm going to try it again on a hot summer day but just now, in the cold bleak winter months here in the UK, it just makes me feel cold.

I'll stick to my beloved POAL for now. My comfort blanket.

Ozonic violet, once one gets past the strong suggestions of hairspray and wet wipes that cloud its opening. It's the big dose of ‘clean' musks giving that impression and they need a bit of time to settle. For an unreal, hazy, almost abstract offering it's a bit unusual to have flashes of natural scents coming through. But there's clove popping its sweetly medicinal head above the fog, a hint of something coniferous, and a pronounced heliotrope note that pairs easily with the violet.
Dans tes bras is a blur, a smear (cashmeran is famous for greasing the lens of many a sharper creation), one of those noodling tone poems that seem to begin and end without a sense of beginning and end. It sits squarely within what critics call the ‘soulless' ethos of the Malle line. But for all that I found it curiously beguiling, its softness coupled with what comes across as utter indifference to the wearer has a strange push-pull to it – like clasping a refrigerated teddy bear.
Ultimately, though, I found it too underpowered to take seriously.

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle launched in 2000 with a rock-star lineup of perfumers, including Maurice Roucel, who composed the culty Musc Ravageur for the brand. Art direction and commissioning independent perfumers was nothing new in 2000. In fact, it was the founding model of niche perfumery. Early examples Diptyques (1961), l'Artisan Parfumeurs (1976), Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier (1988) were still going strong. The Serge Lutens brand (1992) had attained permanent revolution and were the leader in experimentation.

Hip and trendy were taken, so Frédéric Malle took a different approach with his line. The strategy of the initial roster of FM perfumes was to emphasize quality and distinction. Perfumers were apparently given the edict and the budget to create perfumes of impeccable caliber and taste. Same principle as Amouage, different sensibility. The nine perfumes in the initial launch wore their perfumers on the label, reflecting Malle's belief in the artist as well as his line's concept of authorship and publishing. The art direction focussed on the perfumers' signature styles. Olivia Giacobetti's En Passant had her characteristic water-color dynamics. Angelique Sous la Pluie demonstrated Jean-Claude Ellena's expertise with transparent tones. Edouard Flechier's Lys Méditerranée fits his history of oversized narcotic florals. And so on.

Malle and Roucel were an ideal pair. Malle directed perfumers to work within their sweet spots and Roucel had a history of exploring a compositional motif over the course of years. Musc Ravageur was a tailored version of Alain Delon Lyra, a Roucel fragrance from 1996. Roucel would go on to create le Labo Labdanum 18, Helmut Lang EDP/EDC and Missoni by Missoni, variations on the same aromatic/musk/vanilla-chocolate theme.

Roucel and Malle collaborated again with Dans Tes Bras. Roucel had made violet the principle note of his hairspray-fantasy, Guerlain Insolence in 2006. He punched up the violet and the volume in the 2008 Insolence EDP. Dans Tes Bras, a violet perfume of a very different cut, was released the same year. If Insolence candied violet, Dans tes Bras fermented it. If you can imagine scent-scape of violets and toadstools growing out of vinegar-soaked concrete you'll catch the shape of the perfume. It's a doughy floral musk with notes of soil, salt, spice and sour skin. Our nose/brains are conditioned to try to sort scents. Materials that emulate botanicals are assessed for how ‘natural' they smell while identifiably synthetic qualities aren't expected to feign realism. Dans tes Bras flips the expected and uses floral notes like heliotrope and violet that smell for lack of a better word, unnatural. With an apparent overdose of cashmeran, the synthetic side of the perfume smells remarkably like something you know, namely concrete sidewalk drying after a rain .

Most Malle perfumes land in identifiable categories, the result of deliberately chasing the ‘best in class' distinction that the Malle line aspires to. The risk is that many of the line's perfumes can be seen as simply extra-fine versions of department store perfumes. Dans tes Bras, not so much. In a line that leans heavily towards florals it is the least conventional of the lot.

The Malle line seemed like it was headed for a soft landing even before Estée Lauder purchased the brand in 2014. Eau de Magnolia, Cologne Indelible and Monsieur were a citric floral-chypre, a concentrated eau de cologne and a Soli-patch. Finished and tony but a bit dull. I assume that each perfume in the Malle line will be looked at very closely by the Lauder accountants. If there is a thinning of the line, florals in particular, will Dans tes Bras make the cut?

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