Dans La Peau 
Louis Vuitton (2016)

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Dans La Peau by Louis Vuitton

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The company say:

An exclusive infusion of natural leather from Louis Vuitton’s workshops intertwined with accents of almost-candied apricot, jasmine from Grasse and sambac jasmine from China. Then absolute of narcissus appears, followed by a chorus of musk.

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Reviews of Dans La Peau by Louis Vuitton

There are 1 reviews of Dans La Peau by Louis Vuitton.

Dans Le Peau isn't the leather it promises, but it's definitely floral. It smells of jasmine, but the rest of the scent is more of an abstract sweet fruity woody chemical haze than anything specific or leathery. Instead, it's just pleasant aromachemicals swirling around jasmine. If pushed, I smell raspberry and a pinch of violet and a bit of soap, but it's all so artificial that naming notes doesn't really do anything to describe the smell. Eventually, given a few hours, it dries down to that ubiquitous strawberry shampoo smell in its base.

It's weird - One of the salespeople for the launch of this line is a facebook friend and he's posted all sorts of photos of himself being trained around the world, visiting the farms that source the ingredients for this line. LVMH is truly trying to make an important statement here, but I just feel like it's getting lost.

Jacques Cavallier, the nose, is kind of a weird choice for a dramatic set of statement perfumes, because his expertise is in popular, pleasant, inoffensive chemical stews like L'Eau d'Issey, not highbrow luxe art pieces. And so we're left with something that smells kind of like someone added a blob of expensive jasmine to a cheap mall perfume. Meh.

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