Danger pour Homme Cologne 
Roja Dove (2019)

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Danger pour Homme Cologne by Roja Dove

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Danger pour Homme Cologne is a men's fragrance launched in 2019 by Roja Dove

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Reviews of Danger pour Homme Cologne by Roja Dove

There are 5 reviews of Danger pour Homme Cologne by Roja Dove.

Starts off a little dated but quickly turns sweeter, richer and very masculine. Reminds me of classic men's scents from the past but without an overwhelming old-guy feel.

This really took me back to smelling my grandad after he was ready in the morning after a shower and shave. I asked my dad if he ever wore anything like Guerlain Heritage or even CK Obsession but he said he only remembered him having Old Spice or Aqua Velva. That seems right to e too, so maybe there is some similarities with Aqua Velva here. Eiether way, this is a classic, gentlemen's scent that can still be pulled off today by younger guys that can dress it up and want to smell refined and mature.

I get solid performance. This projects without over-spraying and lasts most of the day.

Although this is not a scent I would wear normally (little too mature), I do like and appreciate it, as well as having some personal nostalgia for it.

The comparisons to GUERLAIN HERITAGE are right on. The argument can made be since it's so much like HERITAGE and a lot pricier, why bother?

I'm not going to tout as any sort of must have. Nor will I pontificate about it being some sort of supremely superior quality fragrance.

But I find it has better longevity and to me also smells a tad more modern to my nose. The cumin is done at a level I like, adding a touch of sensuality that I don't find in HERITAGE.

I love fougeres and this is a novel take. Not exactly "barbershop" to me but kind of. A fast favorite after I sampled it several times.

Guerlain Héritage at many times the price (and not many times the quality; it's equivalent to the current Héritage formulation in material quality, and inferior to it in structure and nuance).

If you want the "niche" version of Héritage, just buy a vintage bottle of Héritage. It'll still be cheaper than Roja Danger.

A nice fougère pour homme, but nothing groundbreaking in my opinion. It also remind me of Frederic Malle's Music For A While.

Roja Dove has decided to replace several masculine lines of the axed eau de parfum concentration with "parfum cologne" variants that are entire reworkings of their respective compositions, to be fresher, more vibrant, and with greater projection like an eau de toilette. These "parfum colognes" are still technically eau de parfum in concentration, but really come across like eau de toilette concentrée with packaging inspired by Elysium pour Homme Cologne (2017), which joins the "parfum cologne" range retroactively. Danger pour Homme Cologne (2019) fits nicely into this range, fixing some of what many didn't like about the original Danger pour Homme (2011), but at the same time moving even closer to being a direct homage to the 80's style it copies. Those skeptic of the brand's intentions will still sneer at the $300MSRP of this new concentration range, and for scents like Danger that seek to emulate vintage styles so closely, there are still better buys out there. In light of all that, this is nice for what it seeks to be, and far nicer in my opinion than the higher concentrations in which it can be found. In my opinion this is the best of the "parfum cologne" range, and even better than Elysium pour Homme Cologne, which technically started the whole thing.

Danger pour Homme Cologne comes across with a lot of citrus and petitgrain accompanied by lavender, feeling even more like Guerlain Héritage (1992) to which it is often compared, but with stronger lemon notes that bring it closer to something like Versace L'Homme (1984) or Chanel Pour Monsieur Eau de Toilette Concentrée (1989). For vintage lovers, this can only be a good thing, but for those who appreciated what modern touches the original Danger pour Homme had, this moves the composition further than before into "dad's cologne" territory. Jasmine and muguet bring up the traditional heart of Danger, with a bit of tarragon peaking in, but the mega-opaque Roja Dove base is still what this scent is all about. There are too many notes to list here, but all the plush spice, woods, and musk you could want lives here within IFRA limitations (of course), blended immaculately. I actually much prefer this to the original release, even with shorter wear time, as it just blooms far brighter and smells more classic than it did before. Wear time clocks in at about eight hours, and projection is good while it lasts, with the scent quieting down to be a closer eau de parfum experience about halfway into that, but due to the citrus and jasmine hedione, Danger pour Homme Cologne now becomes a serious warm weather contender whereas the original version might stifle in hot surroundings.

I think the concept behind something closer to "entry level" for the brand was bound to happen, as dictated by how well Elysium pour Homme Cologne has sold. This isn't really Roja Dove "selling out" (although some elitist fanboys might be apt to say that), because you just can't survive for long on one-percenters alone if you want to be more than a novelty act in the perfume market at large. There seems to be no slowing down on exclusives and semi-bespoke creations only sold at his Harrod's boutique, so for those Roja Dove followers who buy heavily into the exclusivity of the brand, the existence of the "parfum cologne" range doesn't look like it will run the risk of making Roja Parfums feel more "common", and you're still not going to see this stuff in most high-end department stores outside the UK, so relax. I'm still unsure of the value here, but I do really truly like the classic masculine semi-oriental fougère lines on display with Danger pour Homme Cologne, especially being tweaked to feel even more authentic and true-to-source, although no less derivative of past works than before. Let your nose decide if this is worth reconsidering by getting your hands on a sample, but for my part this is worth getting if you enjoy this genre and have the cash to not care. Thumbs up.

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