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Roja Dove (2011)

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Danger pour Homme by Roja Dove

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Danger pour Homme is a men's fragrance launched in 2011 by Roja Dove

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Reviews of Danger pour Homme by Roja Dove

There are 17 reviews of Danger pour Homme by Roja Dove.

Bright and tart and powerful and peppery - the lemon, rhubarb and bergamot really make this pop off the skin with an almost too powerful blast. Soon the other notes start creating a veil around all that tartness and rounding the fragrance - jasmine, violet, lavender - before ultimately settling into a scent that retains the tartness, but also includes a richness brought on by sandalwood, cardamom, ambergris, tonka and vanilla.

I think it's masterfully blended, but it's not for me. There's something ultimately too tart about it - and I've decided it's the rhubarb that forces the scent into that territory. But I'm delighted to see that rare note used, and I'm sure for many, it is an ideal fragrance. I'd save it for very special occasions, black tie stuff. Because the scent is likewise special.

If I had unlimited funds, Danger would enjoy a spot in my collection. But at these prices, I need to fall absolutely in love with a fragrance to justify its purchase. Danger is one I appreciate, but do not think I will ever own a full bottle of. I suppose this means I wouldn't love Guerlain's Heritage, either.

WOW!! This is superb.

As a big fan of Heritage there was always a good chance that I was was going to like this. Well I was wrong.....I don't like it I love it!! I could go into much detail about the scent but all you need to know is that it is Heritage but modernized and more refined. I accept that Heritage offers much better value for money but putting price aside Danger Pour Homme is the better fragrance.

Awesome for formal and upscale events.


There is nothing exciting about this.
Its a dark peppery/chilli violet fougere with a slightly more promising bergamot lemon and tarragon opening which unfortunately disappears quickly leaving the dark unidimensional spice. For dark pin stripe suits who want class without imagination and who spend other people's money.

Fragrance: 6.9/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 8/10

Stardate 20190611:

A poor copy of Heritage by Guerlain. A faint watered down facsimile with all the best stuff removed and replaced with cumin and laundry musk.

Save your money and buy Heritage

Roja Parfums tends to be a house mired in controversy in online spaces as perfume enthusiasts endlessly do battle over the merits or perceived lack thereof for a brand literally marketed as expensively redolent for the sake of it. Roja Dove fans don't necessarily attack those who disagree with the same obsessive fervor as fans of Creed perfumes, but many I've encountered still look down their nose at minds "too small" to grasp the "superiority" of master Dove's creations. Roger "Roja" Dove himself doesn't foster any of that elitist mentality, and instead pitches his stuff as perfume for connoisseurs while professing his love for all kinds of perfume, and his rather entertainingly flamboyant personality does show through on his creations, as does the inspirations behind each one. In the case of Danger Pour Homme (2011), Dove has channeled several decades of classic barbershop fougère tropes, distilled into an ultra-dense opaque style which has become a hallmark of the house itself. Love it or hate, Danger Pour Homme is one of the most complex barbershop fougères on the planet, and people who like picking out the notes in their perfume will find this a veritable Rubik's cube in a bottle. I was a little apprehensive to approach this brand considering all the infighting I see on forums between lovers and haters of the man himself and his perfume venture, but after watching enough interviews and seeing the way he has respect for all perfumes (even cheapies), I've concluded that his perfumes are just as much an indulgence for him to make as they are for his fans to collect, and there's no harm profiting from doing what you love if people are willing to pay you what you charge.

The style of Danger mostly rests in the powdery semi-oriental fougère of the late 80's and 90's, feeling like an overwrought cousin to scents like Creed Bois du Portugal (1987), Guerlain Héritage (1992), and Lalique Pour Homme [Lion] (1997). The opening is certainly a tad dirtier with a noticeable cumin note enshrouded with the expected bergamot and lavender, adding a semi-meaty tarragon to back up the cumin. The scent becomes a bit powdery with a rather pretty assemblage of flowers in the heart, showing off heliotrope, jasmine, muguet, and violet, until the brick wall that is the base shows up. The rather "perfumey" base is loaded down according to the provided notation, but what I get most is patchouli, clove, vanilla, castoreum, oakmoss, and cedar. The other ingredients may very well be there, but the rounded richness of what I detect forms a sort of amorphous blob that covers everything else. Coupled with the florals, citrus, and spice, this blob is a pleasant "gussied up" take on the barbershop vibe, but feels like more for the sake of having it, just as with the marketing. Sillage is not beastly due to the inherent close-range intensity of an eau de parfum, but longevity is almost eternal, although it had better be for well over $400 for just 50ml/1.7oz of scent. Best use is probably anytime any other powdery semi-oriental fougère would be used, as the only real distinction between this and something like Tiffany for Men (1989) is the sheer density and opulence of the composition, using easily double the notes and making it so heavy that it could shield the wearer from a room full of smokers, just like many of the older perfumes Dove himself reveres. I still get a feeling this is best for high society meetups or events like weddings, galas, or business trips where you want to make an entrance to seal a deal, but it's the marketing again.

Anyone saying they're a fan of Roja Dove who tries to tell you that you "get what you pay for" with this or any of his creations probably is in denial about his pricing model or modus operandi, nor has smelled around very much outside of this house for comparison against what he is drawing his ideas from, but I'll hand it to Dove for delivering the promise of a grandiose experience unlike most others in the luxury market segment. No perfume is really functional, but even Dove himself is loathe to recommend his own perfumes over others in his video guides because he knows most of his perfumes are akin to jewelry, and the furthest thing from casual every day wear with only a few exceptions. If nothing else, Danger Pour Homme is indeed the most luxurious-smelling barbershop semi-oriental fougère of its kind for the most special of circumstances, and clearly a florid homage to the "well-groomed gentleman" style it follows, but is not anywhere near an alpha specimen of its ilk unless graded on the number of peacock feathers in its olfactive hat. With so many examples stretching back decades, it is likely impossible to crown one barbershop scent better than another as individual taste is the ultimate arbiter, but if blending and opacity are your biggest criteria for quality, then it doesn't get much better than Danger Pour Homme without seeking antique examples. Sample if possible through a decant seller unless a niche outlet is available to visit, but like most perfumes in this realm, you're buying an experience and not a product, since it's a matter of diminishing returns beyond a certain point. Kudos for a truly artistic example of "haute parfum", but Danger Pour Homme is not something I'd reach for much because there are just more easily-wearable examples of the style. Thumbs up.

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