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Excellent value for money. Worthy every penny!!!

Smells just like shaving foam. Maybe a slight herbal edge? You will smell like a man who has showered with Barbasol shaving foam. Well groomed soapy vibe. Super clean scent.
8th March 2022
Amazing perfume for men. Fresh and spicy - even a bit better than Drakkar.
2nd June 2021

This is a good little fragrance.

This is exactly like the basenotes/eventual drydown of vintage Drakkar Noir, which has a very green vibe to it. The current Drakkar Noir doesn't have that.

If you've only experienced current Drakkar Noir, then it's going to smell like a very linear, greener Drakkar Noir, but with a bit more depth and better blending.

I highly recommend this if your a fan of Drakkar Noir, and/or you want to experience what the vintage smelled like after 2 hours. This is very high quality.

Obviously vintage Drakkar Noir at the basenotes. I don't get similarities with any other fragrance.

If you like Drakkar Noir and classic fougeres, there's no reason not have this in your collection.
3rd April 2021
Really quite fantastic as far as perfume oils go. Projects like a beast and lasts forever (over 10 hours). As for the scent, it smells like vintage Drakkar Noir and seems to be packed to the brim with oakmoss. I love layering this when I wear Geo F. Trumper Eucris EDT, for the full dark oakmoss type vibe. The drydown features a lot of lavender while the opening is pure oakmoss and sage. If you've smelled vintage Drakkar Noir, you've smelled this.

20th February 2019
So very close to the original DN with a brutal tenacity.
Little dab will do ya!
Recommended to those who miss this blockbuster
of a scent.
22nd October 2015
Picture perfect recreation of Drakkar NoirIf you love the old Drakkar Noir with the full dosage of oakmoss, you will love al Rehab's Dakar. Pros: outstanding projection and sillage; complex drydownCons: none"
27th September 2013
Very similar to Drakkar Noir, but even more similar to Caesars Man. Very 'green' smelling, slightly leathery and spicy
2nd May 2013
An outstanding fragrance.
I've tried several Al Rehab scents so far and I have not bee dissapointed with none of them, and Dakar is one of the best.
Hard to describe, it has some resemblance with Drakkar Noir, but is not Drakkar Noirby any means, reminds me other dark powerhouses like Jacomo de Jacomo, Tsar, Van Cleef and Arpels, and even Giogio of Beverly Hills. Believe me, you will not go wrong with this gem. Strong sillage and lasts all day, it could be classified as a true powerhouse.
And the cherry of this perfume is its low price.
7th February 2012