Daisy Eau So Fresh fragrance notes

  • Head

    • ruby red grapefruit, raspberry, green leaves, pear
  • Heart

    • violet, wild rose, apple blossom, lychee, jasmine petals
  • Base

    • musks, plum, cedarwood

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Latest Reviews of Daisy Eau So Fresh

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A decent juicy raspberry in the opening volley is squandered on a chemical mess not unlike the emotional and hormonal earthquake of ESF's (apparent) intended fan base of 14 year-olds. Sadly the less-than-impressive initial stage is the peak of this experience and the heart and base parts just circle the drain for an hour before giving up entirely. Pretty pointless, really.
31st December 2015
An unremarkable creamy floral with a hint of fruit and musk. Pleasant enough, it belongs in a hairspray or shampoo, not a fine fragrance. Dries down quickly to Eau de Bounce.
15th August 2015


This kind of modern fragrances is so  untemperamental and banal that the words are useless. Simply another forgetable watery fruity-floral with no texture and aim. Cute lid, i agree. I'm not able to distinguish any particular note, apart citrus, red fruits and musk. Highly synthetic.
21st February 2012
Been there, done that. Yes, DAISY EAU SO FRESH is a fruity-floral composition featuring random "constructed" fruits and "abstract" floral notes embedded in a clean musk base. Neither new nor abhorrent. A bit on the sweet side, but fine for what it is. I find the drydown a bit sticky, but this might work for some among those who favor fruity-floral frags.

The first clue that this creation was going to be nothing that would earn a permanent trace in my olfactory memory bank was of course the bottle! All these bells and whistles: what could they really mean? I gather that these malleable plastic cut-out flowers are rather popular right now? I've seen them not only chez Marc Jacobs (LOLA) but also Bond no 9 (MADISON SQUARE PARK). I believe that the Bond cap is touted as a free bracelet. Whatever.

DAISY EAU SO FRESH *might* be a bit better than DAISY. Unfortunately, I just can't remember! My favorite Marc Jacobs perfumes remain: MARC JACOBS, BLUSH, and ESSENCE, all of which I do heartily recommend.
2nd October 2011
Cute lid. I thought it was the original Daisy until I noticed the colors of the flowers. Daisy Eau So Fresh goes on like yet another watery floral. It's utterly not unlikeable--read: blah. Lighty, melony fruits and mild, nondescript florals. Fades away before I get out of the mall and back to my car.
8th February 2011