Marc Jacobs described Daisy Dream as a "more sophisticated, ethereal version" of Daisy.

Daisy Dream fragrance notes

    • blue wisteria, jasmine, blackberry, coconut water

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A daydream at the heart of a luxurious mediterranean golden where delightful scents awaken the senses.The refreshing pear and litchi note blended with wisteria and jasmine,especially with the almost creamy musk note in the dry down.this smells like you have a daughter with long newly washed hair that has been out playing all day in the sun,running around in the fruit garden all day,this is the smell you get when you kiss her goodnight on her head that evening.
19th November 2020
Daisy... daisy dream. Not much difference here, except it's lighter, less bold, less down-to-earth as the name suggests. Very mild performances.
14th November 2020

Given that Bond No. 9's The Scent of Peace is a favorite (and has been for years), I like the take on ripe, dark berries mixed with florals, even if it's nothing particularly groundbreaking. The wysteria and jasmine are nice, and balanced well with the fruit.

After 4 hours, there's not much there: some light musk and clean wood overtones, but really just a skin scent.

Overall, pleasant, wearable by a man but on the feminine side of unisex. Light and breezy, medium sillage, and marginal longevity.
8th June 2016
Love Daisy's easy and light, and I don't have to worry if it will offend...because it most likely won't.

It's one of my go-to scents for the office and church...Not so much for evenings.

I love it! Not every fragrance in my collection has to be a statement piece. Sometimes, being clean and fresh is all I'm looking for!
14th February 2016
Along with Guerlain Idylle and Chanel Allure, definitely a favorite on my wife. Lovely fragrance!
30th January 2015
This is a baseless fragrance, not in the sense that it serves no purpose, but that it really bottoms out early on. Daisy Dream is easily more palatable to me than the flagship version and I do appreciate its use of negative space - it's hard nowadays to pull this off without being obviously cheap. As for the composition, I feel if they had steered away from the common-as-water 'berry' notes involved this would have been infinitely more interesting, although I may just be wishing some house or other would make a successful reiteration of Balmain's irreproachable Ivoire. As it stands, DD is a fleeting, pleasant warm weather white floral with little fuss, and employs a lovely use of the cleaner version of jasmine. I think this one could be made to shine when layered with a light application of neroli, amber, or oakmoss oil.
15th August 2014
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