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Reviews of Daisy by Marc Jacobs

There are 58 reviews of Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Even while I write this review, I can't help but still make the face I made when I tried this on; the face you make when you smell something gross. Because I have always heard such great things about Daisy, I kept trying to have an open mind every time I examined it, but every sniff ended in the yuck face. To me, this is nauseating. I'm not experienced enough to distinguish between particular notes, but there is definitely something in this scent that I DETEST and I wish I knew what it was so I can stay away from any fragrance moving forward that also has it. Seems as though there are many folks that enjoy this smell, but it disgusts me.
Nov 18, 2021

Fruitiness is the name of the opening blast, with grapefruit, strawberries and hints of red currants the major contributions to the fruit basket.

The drydown changes to the floral side: Jasmine mainly l, with gardenia and whiffs of muguet were present, with the fruitiness still palpable in the background.

The base is constituted by the usual triad of suspects: vanilla - adding sweetness, a nonspecific woodsiness and a bag full of white musks.

Although this product is on the sweet side, it is a contained sweetness that is never too intrusive of cloying.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

This fruit-floral spring scent is not very original, and it follows a simple strategy of combining the fruits with the floral. Although mostly a pleasant concoction, it is very generic most of the time, especially in the base. So whilst not bad, is really never reaches beyond a middle-of-road level. 2.75/5.
Oct 13, 2019

A nice, green and acid floral. Light but with good performances. Good for summer.
Sep 16, 2019

Nice for what it is. I think for a younger girl or woman it's an excellent sort of intro perfume. Nice safe grab and go, pleasant. Fine for office or school.
Sep 18, 2018

Like a girl in a white, flowy dress who prances around in a field full of white little flowers in a bright, sunny day with blue skies. This is the image that comes to my mind when I smell this fragrance on me. It's happy, carefree, fun, innocent, and sunny. The only reason I don't really care to buy it is because it is a straight-up floral (I'm more into the sophisticated misterious scents). The bottle looks exactky how it smells. I didn't find any violets in it though. Perhaps it really would have been a winner for me had I smelled some violet in it.
Jan 15, 2017

I fell in love with this scent the first time I tried it, way back when it first appeared in our stores here. Daisies – the white daises with the yellow centres – are one of my favourite flowers, and I think this scent captures them perfectly. It's a clean, fresh, zingy, green scent that lasts wonderfully. I get the strawberry and jasmine straight up, but it's not a synthetic, sickly strawberry – rather it's freshly picked strawberries, warm from the sun, with their green leaves adding a touch of sharpness. Three hours in and the vanilla is starting to peek out, along with a touch of violet. This is another one I haven't worn for a while, and I still love it. I don't hold with the whole day-time vs night-time scents, but to me, this perfume is a warm summer day, lazing on a blanket and enjoying the sunshine with a delicious breeze to keep you cool. The matching body lotion is lovely as well – it has a light shimmer which makes your skin look all glowy and it smells fantastic.
Aug 26, 2016

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