Daisies Won't Tell 
Avon (1956)


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Daisies Won't Tell by Avon

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Daisies Won't Tell is a women's perfume launched in 1956 by Avon

Reviews of Daisies Won't Tell by Avon

There are 2 reviews of Daisies Won't Tell by Avon.

The best fragrance for little girls ever made, bar none.... and, like the previous reviewer, I would probably wear it today.

I actually remember this one. A great cologne. It was a light, enthusiastic, "yellow flower" fragrance. It was soft, fresh and upliftng. It was marketed as a children's fragrance, but old time children's fragrances are "mature" by today's standards, and this one could be worn very successfully by grown ups today. Daisies Won't Tell was created before Avon started putting some really weird signature notes in their fragrances. There is no negative smell in this fragrance at all. I would use it today; it was that good.

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