D.S. fragrance notes

  • Head

    • frangipani, gardenia, saffron
  • Heart

    • yellow lotus, rose absolute, agarwood
  • Base

    • sandalwood, vetiver, musc ambrette

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I've really enjoyed D.S. The star of the show seems to be buttery wood, hinting at rich, creamy incense. There's a leathery saffron sharpness on top, leading to some oud theatrics later. Meanwhile, there's a really complex floral backdrop that keeps D.S. from being just another woody incense perfume. The floral elements come across like natural oils, sort of wet and sticky, combining to create a textural counterpoint to the sharpness of the saffron and the creaminess of the butter and incense.

Nicely done!
12th August 2019
How to characterize this fragrance that achieves an abstract interplay of colors but at the same time is a delicately composed portrait of contrasting tones. The overall effect is of a realistically rendered still life portrait of a floral bouquet set in deep dark background tones. Sharp saffron mixes with floating and lyrical florals of frangipani and gardenia which settle into dusty yellow lotus and radiating rose heart notes. This bouquet of flowers is an exotic still life portrait composed carefully to reside inside a leathery wood base blend of sandalwood, vetiver, agarwood covered with dry musk ambrette for an exotic solid base. There is a floral incense quality that plays with saffron for sharpness and dances between frangipani and lotus flower rounded with rose and gardenia. This rich exotic floral bouquet is framed in light woods and oudish suede leather tones to anchor it inside its frame. Unusual, distinctive and uplifting to smell.
2nd July 2019