D&G Masculine is aimed at a younger consumer with less disposable income. So this fragrance is at a very reasonable price. Unlike most citrus scents this is quite long lasting.
D&G contains notes of kumquat, bergamot, peppermint, fig wood and vetiver.

D&G Masculine fragrance notes

  • Head

    • living kumquat, bergamot, lemon tree leaves, petitgrain leaves.
  • Heart

    • thyme, basil, peppermint leaves, rosemary, helional, ozone living flower.
  • Base

    • fig wood, teak wood, vetiver, tonka beans, vanilla pod, musk.

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This opens fresh with a big bergamot and petitgrain. It has a spicy-herbal mid and a woody dry-down that I enjoy a lot more than the citrus-laden opening. The base is substantially woodier than citrus aromatics, which makes it a good step up from linear big lemons like Victor Original or Acqua Di Selva, and so on. Unfortunately it is hard to find these days.

Projection isn't good, but given its woodiness it lasts longer than most citrus aromatics.

Masculinity Level: Alec Baldwin in Miami Blues.
26th February 2023
(Holy cow, look at those prices for a bottle online!!)

D&G Masculine, along with its sibling By, were common fixtures at many a fragrance tester counter last decade - notably, at Sephoras, where I'd first seen them.

Masculine is a nice woody-spicy-citrus-aromatic scent. Very fresh citrus opening gets filled in with an assortment of herbs and spices, rounded out nicely with jasmine. It's capped off by a solid musky-woody-vetiver.

Has a classic men's cologne vibe that is not dated. Love its freshness and, indeed, the masculine character. Very puzzled why it was ultimately discontinued; would love to see it reissued by D&G (along with By) to revisit those decent colognes for a new audience.
5th December 2018

The opening spouts a fair share of citrus for sure; bergamot and lemon, although a bit standard in nature but nice indeed. The later stage adds herbal notes, and additionally adds a fresh ozonic aroma.

That said, the ozonic freshness is a bit nondescript and does not carry with it any seashore or otherwise more enticing freshness. Nonetheless, it is a pleasing drydown.

The base continues in a similar vein: woodsy notes with a restrained vanilla, some sweetness is expressed but not overbearingly so.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

Nice for cooler summer days, executed quite well and not too glaringly synthetic: just at the border between neutral and thumbs-up; with the good performance tilting it - just! - into positive territory. 3/5.
28th September 2017
As much as I like most scents from D&G this is for sure not one of them. Awful synthetic headache inducing mess that I wore 3 times (just to make sure it was as bad as I assumed) and sold immediately. Just not worth the price... best to Avoid.
1st August 2016
Let the sun shine through...

I shouldn't like D&G Masculine. Just out of spite, if nothing else. Cause it made a fool out of me and taught me a good lesson in modesty by embarassing me big time.
When I saw the D&G Feminine/Masculine pair hitting the shelves in 1999, I thought something like "Come on D&G, are you THIS out of creativity? Is this the best you can do to hail the new millennium, launching family perfumes? Where's Bambine to complete the joke?"
And I was laughing with what I thought was funny.
And then I was given two samples...
And I shut my big mouth and felt like an idiot.
For D&G masculine had the last laugh.
Cause upon applying it, it was as if someone had torn down the drape depicting a bleak winter landscape, and allowed the magnificent Mediterranean panorama to shine. With its ancient waves gently lulling all sad straits, and with a glass of cold homemade lemonade waiting on a old iron table, in a garden full of herbs, under a pine tree.
This is the happy star of male fragrances.
It's the most optimistic specimen of bliss and the most productive "silly smile" generator in the masculine scents' world.
Although it may sound a bit inconsequent coming from someone who calls himself GothicHeart, D&G Masculine is a joyous slice of sunlight, and the best mood modifier I've ever encountered.
I guess even gothic hearts need a joyous slice of sunlight and blue devils kicked square in the butt every once in a while. And D&G Masculine proved itself as a terrific kicker...
30th November 2015
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