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The name for this fragrance invites scrutiny, I'm sure. "Le Fou" (the crazy) by D&G is not your everyday common scent!

This one is a very fresh, green oriental-citrus-spice-floral with the boozy element of cognac (with an interesting dense wine twist). Quite sweet, but it is fairly offset by the strong fern, spices and violet floral touch; this bonbon type sweetness may put some folks off.

Not a scent one can squarely categorize, but that's okay. Le Fou 21 is crazy-cool IMO. :-)
5th December 2018
D&G Anthology Le Fou 21 is all about spicy-aromatic ginger under my nose. Over a "traditionally" synthetic citric introduction (mostly bergamot and orange), as followed by faint floral notes (probably violet) and undistinguished aromatic patterns, the aroma morphs towards a tremendously spicy ginger accord (I detect cardamom, may be cloves) over a warm balmy-dusty (spicy) base of Iso E Super cedarwood, patchouli, simil-nutty patterns, musk, may be styrax and ambroxan. The vaguely sultry dry down exudes few nuances of several synthetically conventional sweet scents a la Davidoff Hot Water, Kenzo Homme Night, Prada Luna Rossa and One Million.
27th March 2015

Quality-wise and creativity-wise, another equivalent of a generic bath soap in a perfume bottle. Keywords: green-floral, fresh-zesty, metallic, citrus head notes, resinous-herbal-caramelised and slightly nutty-roasted base notes. Artificial, clean, not tragic, pleasantly dull.

6th July 2014
bergamot and violet in the opening believes one to think it's a aromatic/fougere but it's listed as an unisex oriental. go figure. a bit of cognac in the middle gives it a slightly boozy touch then woods and basically an undetected tonka bean note. i do like it but think the base notes are not pronounced enough. the anthology line is good but not great and this is no exception. 6.5 out of 10.. sillage is soloid but not projection..
30th December 2012
This is surprisingly lovely! Starts off with the usual bland run of the mill synthetic 'fizzy citrus' but it quickly changes in something rather lovely and a bit different! Nothing ground breaking but kinda delicately sweet with a hint of fruit. This is from my first wearing so I will update laters!
24th June 2012