D&G L'Amoureux 6 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, juniper, pink pepper
  • Heart

    • cardamom, birch, orris
  • Base

    • woods, musk

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Despite its poor performance (didn't last too long and projection is too mild) - I still like the sum of L'Amoureux's effect on me.

D&G sixth scent in its celebrity-heavy series is a masculine outing, woody-spicy-aromatic. Great opening of bergamot, pepper and juniper, with cardamom adding its lovely bright spice and woody notes holding it down, including whitish birch. A pleasant scent fit for casual wear, day or night.
5th December 2018
Genre: Woods

D&G offers its new “Fragrance Anthology” line niche style, in plain, (non-sequentially) numbered bottles. (Parfumerie Generale, Le Labo, anyone?) The five scents themselves are all hilariously bad. No. 1, Le Bateleur, is a fresh, aquatic sports fragrance so monumentally dull that I'm nodding off just thinking about it. No. 3, L'Imperatrice, is a crude, derivative, adolescent fruity-floral, for the likes of which neither I nor the world have any use. I took home samples of the other three scents for review: No. 6 and No. 10 because they showed faint signs that they might actually come to smell like something, and No. 18…well, because there was room for a third sample vial on the card, and it was the bottle in the front.

No. 6, L'Amoureaux, is a pale, acid citrus over an austere synthetic cedar that's trying much too hard to ape something Jean-Claude Elléna might have done for Hermès. Since Elléna's work for Hermès has been pretty bare, hollow, and repetitive itself lately, this scrawny imitation is even more pointless than it might have been. L'Amoureaux only goes to prove that hackwork by an artist is still preferable to hackwork by no-talent goons.
12th June 2014

light spicy unisex scent. bergamot/cardamon/pink pepper accord is done elegantlt and mature. woody drydown gives it strength and character. a nice feel good/casual scent for either gender. strictly for daytime/casual use. projection and sillage are average at best..
12th March 2013
It takes me absolutely ages to find a scent that I actually want to wear. This is my current favourite. I do tend to prefer mens fragrances to womens although I do not usually wear Men's scent, apart from my husbands Monsieur Rochas which is too lemoney for him, but I find I feel energised when I wear it. I needed a change from Fendi, and my only complaint is the length of time I can smell no 6 on my skin. It stays fresh on scarves and clothes though. I like the unusual grapefruit and tea notes in it. Now I know I like these scents on me I am looking for something similar which lasts longer. Someone mentioned that is a scent for winter, but I think it is for all year
3rd December 2012
I enjoyed this fragrance. I don't understand some of these ratings, or how these results were founded. I feel the longevity on this scent was quite good. I purchased a large bottle immediately after sampling. I felt it had a good balance, however, silage was at a minimum. My brother in law loved it, and I gave him the remaining of my bottle. Since, I was able to find this scent for fairly cheap online.
12th August 2012
I sprayed this today on a whim. I love the notes ( but am not sure of orris ) so maybe the orris is what makes it a negative for me. It smells like any other department store fragrance ( this is only my opinion ) on me.
10th August 2012
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