D&G La Lune 18 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, green notes
  • Heart

    • tuberose, lily, rose
  • Base

    • musk, sandalwood, orris root, leather

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A cheering scent for grey days.I like smelling this one on other people from time to time,but this scents definitely not something I would wear because
I didn't find anything masculine in it but probably it is nice for men who wear female scents.interesting,soft, clean, inoffensive,modern,soothing and fresh.

The tender and natural scent contains a blend of tuberose,lili,musk and sandalwood and something like bergamot as feminine opening with an opulent blast of green notes.quickly the lovely floral notes appear and on drydown it becomes pretty powdery.It smells a delightful mood elevator.

This EDT is light and delicate during the spring/summer seasons.like a floral green for me.perfect for a nice day in the park or at a carnival. suitable for a blithe and vivacious character.If you like simple floral and refreshing scents,you may enjoy it however i think this scent is too common for the price.
16th May 2015
Genre: Fruity Floral

D&G offers its new “Fragrance Anthology” line niche style, in plain, (non-sequentially) numbered bottles. (Parfumerie Generale, Le Labo, anyone?) The five scents themselves are all hilariously bad. No. 1, Le Bateleur, is a fresh, aquatic sports fragrance so monumentally dull that I'm nodding off just thinking about it. No. 3, L'Imperatrice, is a crude, derivative, adolescent fruity-floral, for the likes of which neither I nor the world have any use. I took home samples of the other three scents for review: No. 6 and No. 10 because they showed faint signs that they might actually come to smell like something, and No. 18…well, because there was room for a third sample vial on the card, and it was the bottle in the front.

No. 18, called La Lune, starts on a crass, chemical “froot” note that's common to a few of the D&G Fragrance Anthology entries and decides to make a meal out of it. There's not much else going on here. What (except a possible point of origin,) this note has to do with the moon eludes me entirely.
12th June 2014


Another musky-floral untemperamental and common. Some starting tart citrus (mostly lemon), a sharp tuberose, a touch of dry musk and nothing else. Really synthetic.
23rd September 2012
After a liberal dousing, I got the distinct impression that the homeopathic principle of attempting to achieve potency through dilution must be the idea behind this fragrance. I doubt it works in homeopathy, and it certainly isn't working here.
About 15 minutes into this non-event an enervated whine arose from my skin. This is what it said: ‘I'm pale, I'm pink, I'm trying to be nice by just fading into a wash of girly sweetness. I have no contour, but to call me seamless would be a compliment. I'm now going to hang around here palely and sweetly at the periphery of your being in my shapeless shift dress, hoping you'll like me.'
Flat, synthetic, overblended rubbish aimed at pleasing newbies who enjoy fabric conditioner.
12th July 2012
On the tester card, this fragrance is easily the most feminine of the series. The lily and tuberose are the most dominant notes to my nose. In fact I couldn't sense any woodsy or leathery notes at all.

I was rather enjoying the soft, powdery white floral blend which reminded me of a lighter, not as complex version of Fracas. I liked it enough to test it on my skin.

Oh the horror! When applied to my skin, the pretty white florals disappeared leaving behind strong leather and musky notes. Forget this fragrance being feminine, this is purely masculine on my skin.

It had an almost sour cream like smell, that was extremely off-putting to my nose. I'm a girly-girl, and as open-minded as I am, I couldn't possibly see myself wearing this and pulling it off.

The lasting power wasn't all that great, so thankfully the scent disappeared completely after a couple of hours.

Now this fragrance could work either way. If the La Lune agrees with your chemistry, then it's a beautiful, feminine, powdery white floral with refreshing and watery lily notes. If it disagrees with your chemistry (like it did with me), this is masculine, leathery and strong, perfectly suitable for a man to wear. Your skin will decide whether you'll like it or not.

26th June 2011
Utterly, utterly pointless. Does the world really need another fruity floral? The minimalist bottles and allegedly unisex approach flirts with niche perfumery, but this scent has nothing resembling a personality. On me it starts off with the usual "fresh feminine" accord incorporating the usual citrus (lemon, orange?), fruit (green apple, pear, peach?), a very clean rose. After a while it goes more fruity and very slightly spicy (cinnamon?) and you can detect some vague woody base, possibly sandalwood. Deeply uninteresting, YAWN.
2nd February 2011
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