D. D. and E. 
Filigree Parfums (2015)

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D. D. and E. by Filigree Parfums

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Filigree Parfums
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James Elliott

Handmade and certified vegan.  Inspired by This Mortal Coil.

The fragrance takes its inspiration from the unabbreviated song title: D. D. and E. is a floral exploration of daylight, dreams, and echoes. Our lightest floral fragrance in a green tea base, described as “night flowers” by a tester. Elderflower and osmanthus rock back and forth with rose and orris. The flowers drape the wearer’s skin in elegance as the fragrance softens to a light sweetness.

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There are 1 reviews of D. D. and E. by Filigree Parfums.

Dark flowers. Very dirty. Almost too indolic for me, in the beginning... Give it time, and it begins to lighten up a bit. The dirtiness decreases, becomes honeyed without being overtly sweet. A bit of creaminess exists, as well.

Rose and osmanthus voices stand out overall. Not too loud. Later, it turns gentle, with a greenish-floral vibe that lasts about four to five hours.

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