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House of Oud (2016)

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Reviews of Cypress Shade by House of Oud

There are 2 reviews of Cypress Shade by House of Oud.

Mimosa in the opening, as noted below by Tennis3040, is quite pronounced. The scent is complex, however, and over time, all of the notes in the fragrance profile put in appearences. The mint and the vetiver hint at their presence early before emerging in the closing stages to join with the oud to create what registers with my nose as a leathery scent. All-in-all, I do get the concept here since the total composition does convey the feeling of sitting beneath a cypress on a sunny day while warm breezes waft the smell of mimosa. I don't, however, love the scent and find I have little desire to wear it. Like all THoO products, the presentation is spectacular and looks like a work of art on my shelf. I just wish this bottle didn't seem destined to stay on the shelf indefinitely for me.
Dec 13, 2020

Folks if you love the aroma of mimosa,you are going to fall in love with this fragrance male or female.A spring fragrance imo.Enjoy!!!!9/10
Nov 3, 2020

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