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Cyprès-Musc by Creed

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Cyprès-Musc is a men's fragrance by Creed

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Reviews of Cyprès-Musc by Creed

There are 35 reviews of Cyprès-Musc by Creed.

Just as many reviewers have already mentioned, Creed's Cyprès-Musc has a soapiness along with the musk that some may not necessary like. It has the controversial oakmoss note, which - along with it being discontinued - add to its value.

Cypress is a really uplifting fragrance note, and Cyprès-Musc does justice by presenting this refreshing, slightly spicy and woody element with respect. Cypress is couched inside a mossy, minty, musky and sweet amber foundation.

Virile and high-quality are the two words I'd use to describe this hard-to-find potion from Creed.

Cypres Musc by Creed is a soapy, coniferous smelling fragrance that has grown on me like a wonderful green branch that's covered in borax soap. The first time I tried it, I was put off by the soapy aspect, but I have since mended my ways. It's kind of addictive in it's appeal to be honest. I'm now really enjoying my day with this soapy, coniferous wonder. I got a nice sample that has enough in it to enjoy for a while, but buying a full bottle could be a painful experience on the wallet as it's discontinued and a bit difficult to find. This is a fragrance that is best appreciated by giving it time. One of my problems was I had expectations of a clear coniferous, cypress note and wasn't expecting the soapy aspects at all. It started me on the wrong foot and I was a little bit peeved at this frag for not being what I thought it was going to be. Seriously though, I wore it a second time and was still not over my initial pout, so I held onto my original assessment. I wore it a third time a few months later and thought, "huh", this stuff isn't so bad. Then I put it on today and thought, "Hey, I really like this stuff"! It has, as I've said, really, "grown" on me, and that's about the pinnacle for a "green" fragrance, isn't it? Thumbs up!

An overall woody/musky/soapy mix, I almost get neroli out of the sharpness that pervades not only the opening but the dry down as well. This strikes me as a more refined citrus than a synthetic pine-sol-ish note, though, so I'd generally disagree with such criticisms though I understand each opinion is different. It's not anchored by a ton of cypress in my opinion, so I wouldn't label it a cypress-intensive fragrance as its name suggests, but rather a generic woody base that lingers somewhere between cedar, cypress, and perhaps even sandalwood.

Usually hailed as more of a warm weather scent, I find it perfectly pleasant in cold weather, pungent enough to cut through the air even in the dry down. Overall, projection and longevity are moderate for an EDP, nothing to acclaim but I wouldn't complain about it either.

Certainly worth trying and enjoying this treat if you can come by a decant, as it was only ever sold in the 8.4oz flacon, not a smaller atomizer, unfortunately. Still inferior to a similar scent in Epicea but very nice in its own right.

7 out of 10

I was really on the fence on this one.

There isn't too much complexity in Cypres Musc. In the opening I smelled a hint of citrus which is probably from the bergamot, little bit of mint, and also oakmoss but not as strong as in scents like Vintage Tabarome or Feuilles Vertes. To me and for some others, it gives off a rather soapy vibe. Specifically, it's the kind of soap that I would expect to see inside a restroom. Then of course the main notes the cypress and musk which remains for the entirety of the scent. I would say the musk is more dominant than the cypress towards the base. This had below average silage and I got about 2-3 hours in longevity for this scent. I can't exactly think of any places that I would wear it. Not my favorite but I would say it's definitely one of the better ones from the classic Creeds.

I was at first uneasy about this scent. It struck me as odd for the Creed lineup, but it has grown on me recently for a number of reasons. CM is a fairly straightforward scent that is the same from when you spray all the way through the drydown. It is an intense, dusky cypress with a little citrus, musk, and light amber. It is soapy and mossy at the same time. This reminds me of country part of town and country fragrance pairs popular in the 19th Century. Mossy, dewy country roads in the heart of Arles or even Normandy with Van Gogh's cypresses blowing in the wind beneath the starlight.

It's a very green outdoorsy clean smelling frag. I imagine images of walking down a tree-laned dirt road. At first it reminds me subtly of pickles and turpintine (probably the galbanum). The galbanum with musk creates a dish soap smell that dominates for awhile with a good Cypress scent. As it's drying down a smooth musk and oakmoss join in. This is a love it or hate it fragrance. Very old-fashioned.

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