Curve Chill for Men 
Liz Claiborne (2006)

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Curve Chill for Men by Liz Claiborne

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Curve Chill for Men is a men's fragrance launched in 2006 by Liz Claiborne

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Reviews of Curve Chill for Men by Liz Claiborne

There are 13 reviews of Curve Chill for Men by Liz Claiborne.

Acqua di Churomve
For all your metallic needs
In water vapor.

Top Note: Dog whistle
Heart: OCD-level clean
Base Note: Still smell soap

Clearly a case of
Convergent evolution
In fresh aquatics.

No Curve flanker has
Worked so hard to keep Curved hands
Off Olfaction's flank.

Amazing to smell
The lovely longevity
Of nothing itself.

Let us thus enjoy
Smelling nicely fresh and clean
Without smelling much.

Much respect to this sophisticated niche scent. I expected the citrus to dominate the scent, since the citrus features so prominently in so many fragrances these days, but there is a beautiful interplay going on here where the citrus combines with the bergamot and violet and lays just underneath them. The aldehydes, white pepper, and a tiny drop of green tea are like a binder that holds together the top and bottom layers. So achingly wonderful. I'm unsure what season Chill was meant for, but it is Spring now and I adore hearing and seeing Vivaldi's "La Primavera" during each whiff of this throughout the day.

Curve Chill: I'm a little surprised by this. Because of the pyramid-listed aldehydes: I was expecting a blast of off-putting synthetics magnified by an abundance of aldehydes. But that didn't happen. The synthetics were there but they were tame and rather pleasant... the aldehydes didn't reach my nose (YEAH!). The opening gave me a kind of clean, synthetic aroma that was, although generic, basically acceptable.

In spite of all the components listed in the note pyramid, this is a very simple modern conglomerate fragrance. It is very similar to what the mall designers have been producing for twenty-five years. It provides an aroma that is pleasant if not natural or sophisticated. Its longevity as a sillage-maker is definitely substandard, but if applied with care, it can act more like a clean “just-showered” scent that can last four hours.

You can Chill with Curve... But you won't be Chillin' long...

Curve Chill by Liz Claiborne smells great and is a “steal of a deal”... Chill is a clean citrus fragrance out of the bottle that settles on the skin with notes of citrus, floral, and musk. Definitely, a good scent that has appeal. There have been some comparisons to Chrome, but I am not sure I get that... Nothing new to the scent, but it does have appeal. That is about the extent of the fragrance - I am a huge fan of the original Curve and Bora Bora, but Chill does not have the longevity of those two... Disappointing...

My reviews generally consider the following areas that are important to me: appeal and uniqueness of the scent (i.e. easy on the nose); "wow factor" (compliments), projection/sillage, longevity, appropriate season and event for fragrance; quality and/or uniqueness of bottle and packaging (i.e. easy on the eyes); and, the price/value of fragrance.

While not totally inclusive, my evaluation of Chill is as follows (scoring is out of 5 stars – 1 star is low, 3 is average, and 5 stars is best):

Appeal/Uniqueness of Scent: 5

Wow Factor: 3

Projection: 3

Longevity: 3

Appropriate season/event for fragrance: 4

Quality/design of bottle and packaging: 4.5

Price/Value: 5

Total Points: 27.5 points

Average Score: 3.93 stars

Comments: As previously mentioned, Chill really does have a clean citrus musky scent, it just does not last on the skin or clothing. Sweetie did mention that it smelled great (and it was about 4 hours following a reapplication) - it has potential Wow Factor... I like the design of the bottle, clear and "etched" artistry that is easy on the eyes. I am a huge Curve (Claiborne for that matter), but I am disappointed in the longevity. Great deal too... If you are looking for a pleasant scent that is not overbearing, this one is for you.

I give Chill 3.93 stars, out of 5. If you are a Claiborne fan, add it to your collection - otherwise, spend your money on something that will last longer. Ride the wave and don't ask where it goes...

I'll be honest - at first I hated this scent. It smelled like cucumber to me, and I hate the way cucumber smells.

I'm really not sure what changed. I kept wearing it daily because I didn't have any other fragrance to turn to and now I like it a lot. It seems like it got better as the bottle went on. Does that sound crazy?

I wear one squirt on the back of my neck and one squirt on my left wrist (then I touch my right wrist to my left wrist quickly to apply it to both). It mixes well with my body chemistry. In the air it smells synthetic, almost like a chemical cleaning compound (and like cucumber... yuck!) but on my body it smells sweet, yet edgy.

It has a "warm burn" to it. I like it. My wife likes it. That's all I need to know.

If anyone is curious, I wear Drakkar Noir for fancier occassions and like it a lolt. This smells... well, nothing like Drakkar, but it is nice for a daily fragrance and it has decent staying power. I can still smell it vaguely at the end of the day, but it won't knock you over or anything.

I smelled this fragrance on a guy I was meeting and wondered what was that he was wearing. It smelled really sophisticated to me and I tought it must be expensive stuff. Being a guy I did not wanted to ask what its was but when he offered me a lift in his car there it was in the slot between the driver's seat and passenger seat. I tilted the bottle to get the name. then I went to the store to sniff one it confirmed and I bought me a bottle. I love this fragrance too bad it dosent linger for too long.

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