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Cuore di Rosa is a beautiful rose soliflore, gently supported but utterly unobscured by the blend. Rose in general works wonderfully in tandem with various prominent wood scents, from cedar to sandalwood to oud, but no tree casts a shadow over this bloom. While there's just enough green steminess to add naturalistic dimension, this fragrance really is about the beating heart of the rose.

For me, it serves as a reminder of why the rose is my favorite fragrant flower. Sure, it might appeal to those longing for romance—as AbdesSalaam suggests—but it's also a celebration of romance for those who have it in abundance. Frankly, I lean towards fragrances and relationships that are a bit more complicated, so this will never be my daily (or nightly) wear. Still, I cherish my little bottle of love. And, for rose devotées, love doesn't get any truer than Cuore di Rosa.
10th December 2021
Perhaps the most perfect rose scent I have smelled. Here is Damascene rose in all its glory, dignified, mysterious, and voluptuous all at once -- profound and not overtly sweet. Citrus and wood are supporting players, but this is so skillfully blended that the edges where these elements meet are invisible; the other notes never announce themselves but only serve to elevate the wearer's experience of the rose at the core (cuore). Sublime and beautiful.
26th May 2015

La Via del Profumo Cuore di Rosa is probably for the rose addicted one of the absolutely best solutions of the whole worldwide olfactory panorama. The rose is in here "alive and kicking", supremely botanic, aristocratic, lymphatic, softly green- earthy, slightly sinister and marvellously romantic. I figure around me a labyrinthine roses garden surrounding a Victorian building and white-pink laced dressed young aristocratic english mademoiselle strolling for the alleys with all their ethereal gracefulness. This minimalistic scent (more than vaguely smelling like famous rose neutral detergent waters) is a delicate green notes-citrus-rose-light woods (probably vetiver and patchouli) accord in which hesperides and woody notes are just accessorial to "Sa majeste la Rose" (I obviously detect similarities with the Lutens's one). Faint spices float over the fluidy intensely (obsessively) rosey liquid in order to enrich the rosey intensity. The aroma holds on such fluidy and light but longly stout on skin and insistently lingering around as a chivalrous ghost. A really perfect rose for us guys.
3rd August 2014