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Reviews of Cuirasse by Jacques D'Auvillers

I sniffed a lot of leather fragrances already but never have I found one that satisfied me so deeply like this beauty does! In fact this is as close to my personal Holy Grail as it gets... It is a very rich and creamy leather and at the same time it is slightly green, fresh and clean. Longevity is good, sillage is just right - not shouting but talking with a clear voice to those next to me. It was and remains a love at first sniff!
Dec 1, 2011

A somewhat ambery leather chypre, about which very little information is available. From my nose and what little I could find, I would guess some of the elements in the juice are bergamot, a white floral, amber, a leather note, and oakmoss. I have it in EdT form, and it is quite nice, with a moderate sillage. It has a fresher aspect than many leather chypres. Perhaps this is something about the citrus and white floral working together. I have no idea about the perfumer, the date of introduction, or its current availability. I found it in a tiny shop here in San Francisco. I think it's a small gem!
Nov 16, 2008

Citrus leather, light animalic notes and a beutiful oakmoss base... hey this is just a darn good leather chypre!
Nov 15, 2008

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