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Heeley (2008)

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Cuir Pleine Fleur / Fine Leather by Heeley

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Reviews of Cuir Pleine Fleur / Fine Leather by Heeley

A lovely soft and smooth leather blended with violet florals. Very wearable and elegant, but not too formal. This is Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather done properly. Sorry Tom!

This was the first Heeley frag I've tried and definitely made me want to try others. Other times that I tried a spray, I didn't seem to get much leather, but trying this now for the fifth time the leather and suede notes are really there- they don't project as much as the grassy hay notes though. One of the more complex frags I've tried without that complexity making it difficult to enjoy. I'ts the first truly nice spring day here in california, and this frag is simply perfect for this weather. A real winner!

One of my favourite leather fragrances, but a ‘green/yellow' floral leather rather than a dark animal-y leather. I definitely get a leather that's got a clean fresh hay scent, with grass and something that smells a bit like daisies. For me this is very much a daytime scent, for less warm summer or autumn days, and perhaps even for when it's raining and you want to remind yourself of a summer late-afternoon in a field, relaxing in the last of the sun, in a fleece-lined brown leather jacket. It's more niche than versatile but a lovely fragrance to have for the occasions you want to use it.

Stardate 20170625:

This reminds me of Or Black.
Green Soapy sweet floral.
I don't get leather but then I did not in K10 either so that must be me.
Or Black is dry and austere while CPF is sweet and floral and perhaps more wearable

A thumbs up all the way

An out-of-doors leather fragrance with lots of hay and some violet. It's uni-sex and quite pleasant. If you have Green Irish Tweed but want more leather than Iris and Sandalwood it would be a good alternative. In fact this could be a good hay scent for those who like that quality.

There is such a contrast between the sweetness of the rose and honey and mimosa, the soft green scent of the violet leaf and the smoky bite of the suede and cedar and birch – it's hard to believe that they would work so well together, but they really do. Or perhaps it's my skin chemistry – the reviews on this have been so different, so maybe it's that. Whatever, I really like this one. You'd think it would be very sweet, what with the flower and honey notes, but the suede seems to guide this gently away from what could have been a sticky, cloying mess and led it in a whole different direction, a great direction. It's not an overpowering leather either – it's beautifully balanced, as I keep getting lovely wafts of sweetness mixed with it. Longevity is excellent – after six hours, it was still going strong, but not in a bad way, and I found the rose became more pronounced as the day wore on. This is really quite lovely. The price is a bit scary, but given the quality and longevity, I'd definitely consider a full bottle.

Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur is a polite perfume, the better for wearing, especially for going out in public, and a treat for the wearer. Birch is listed as a base note here, which I understand gives it a leather smell. This would work well for everyday wear, including the office. It has a countryside smell to it, like the air on a day with good weather.

The opening does indeed carry a leather note upfront on my skin: a soft, fresh bright leather with only the slightest transient hint of tannin harshness - softness is its main characteristic. In the drydown a somewhat perfunctory bergamot injects whiffs of brightness before a pleasant sweetish gently honeyed cinnamon aligns with a rather generic rose, before the drydown descends into a nonspecific woodsy base; I can't find a convincing birch note with a microscope here.

The sillage is moderate, the projection good and the longevity an excellent ten hours.

Does the nice leather entry with the subsequent mediocrity warrant a positive score - just a borderline yes; the good performance and the pleasant honeyed cinnamon tilt it over the edge by the skin of its teeth - for the leather fragrance aficionado. 3/5

Nicely done! This leather is for folks who don't want the strong harsh leather. I might end up getting a decant of this. The supporting cast of notes make this an interesting fragrance. The rose and vetiver notes really makes this one that you may want to get your hands on. I believe this leather one can be worn in warm weather because of the vetiver. This is coming from someone who is not the biggest fan of leather fragrance. 8/10

This is one of my all time favourites, and a tremendously versatile scent. It starts off with a subtle leather, hay and flowers, never crude or sweet. It's natural enough to wear at home and sophisticated enough for a conservative office. The really clever trick is the soapy note which appears in the drydown; not detergent or dryer sheets but an expensive and beautiful leather soap. So the scent gets progressively fresher and cleaner on your arm as the office day wears on. Definitely worth a bottle.

This is a palimpsest of a scent; several genres and styles overlaid on top of each other. There's an anisic herbal aspect, a strong hay note, a polite leather, and a glowing, neon-violet forcefield effect that buzzes and flickers around the scent from start to finish. CPF builds an encompassing aura, but one that's well ventilated–impressively so. Associations are formed in my mind to Santal 33 (the dill), Iris Ukele (the “purple”), and even aspects of Bel Respiro (crispness)–but these (the latter especially) are incidental connections that stem from the fact that the scent has so much going on with it. But I also draw connections to chalky violet candies–a sweet, fuzzy kind of quality that seems almost effervescent.

This stuff is truly genre-bending and strange, but it's somehow cohesive, palpable, and perhaps even a tad too polite. I think I'd be hard pressed to suggest it as a leather-centric perfume, and I'm not sure that I'd wear it often myself, but it's definitely one that deserves some attention. I respect it more than I like it.

Genre: Leather

Heeley's Cuir Pleine Fleur is one of the most refreshing and original leather scents on the market. Whereas most leathers I know rely on the balsamic, animalic warmth of labdanum* for part of their tanned hide effect, Cuir Pleine Fleur marries birch tar to a cool woody floral accord based on iris root, vetiver, and violets. The result is uniquely crisp, buoyant, and translucent.

Cuir Pleine Fleur's violet note is beautifully modulated and occupies an ideal position between too sweet and too harsh, too fussy and too heavy. The composition accentuates vetiver's licorice quality – enough to suggest anise or fennel seed. The best black licorice I've tasted has a savory, salty quality about it, and the vetiver-and-violet accord in Cuir Pleine Fleur is likewise strangely briny as well as sweet. An iris note with an olfactory texture somewhere between powder and custard makes the ideal binder for the leather, violet, and vetiver, while rounding off all possible rough edges for a sleek, suave effect that's the equal of Chanel at its best.

Wearing Cuir Pleine Fleur the other day, I felt a sudden shock of recognition, as if I'd smelled something very similar before. After sifting through memories and some side-by-side sniffing, I surprised myself with the discovery that Cuir Pleine Fleur's green, woody violet accord relates closely to, of all things…Grey Flannel. Preposterous? Not at all! Grey Flannel's woods and violet may be more angular and far heavier, but the similarities in content and structure are real. Cuir Pleine Fleur is light and lithe by comparison, a young hoofer to Grey Flannel's mature ballroom dancer, but the two know plenty of the same steps.

Unlike Grey Flannel, or many of the late twentieth century leather chypres, Cuir Pleine Fleur is never loud. Cuir Pleine Fleur's drydown travels its own path, lined primarily with vetiver and lingering leathery notes. The scent is moderately potent over the first three or four hours wear and persists as a skin scent for a reasonable time thereafter. Innocent of any bluster and exquisitely poised, Cuir Pleine Fleur ought to work for either gender, too.

*Labdanum is one third of the basic chypre accord, and thus perforce plays a large role in all classic leather chypres.

One of my favourite fragrances ever since the very first moment I first smelled it, and one of my favourite leathers ever too. A marvelous, pastoral, mellow rendition of suede, with a lot of hay, a countryside landscape in a dense, crunchy, warm ochre colour, like in a Van Gogh painting. The "realm" is the recent wave of softer, more delicate leathers, like Cuir Ottoman (another all-time favourite of mine), centered on a silky, dense, rich suede note, which here is developed in Heeley's signature linearity with a remarkable balance between earthy/rural vibes, and a transparent, aerial, slightly shady and contemporary dimensionality. All sounds and smells with perfect clarity: a mossy vetiver/oak side, a delicate floral side, a crunchy green accord, a bunch of spices (notably pepper and clove), an incense breeze, an initially waxy base, and an overall warm, evening-like transparency, like a lazy afternoon in the countryside chilling with your back on a hay ball. I love this fragrance also because it does not shout and does not "wow" you at first, but it slowly captivates you, and most important, smells terribly good and versatile. Heeley's style is at its best here, the linearity and the clarity are perfectly executed, and as Darvant suggests below, I also detect a similarity with Iris de Nuit. A quite unique example of a lively, delicate leather scent that is not simply "light" and above all, not "dull", with a specific dense personality (which has its very nucleus in a tiny, but vivid heart of castoreum and rose). Sophisticated, subtly distinctive, highly safe and wearable – and also, decently priced.


Enchanting and addictive. It starts off with some sharpish top notes, some violet leaves and maybe some birch tar - reminds me at this stage of a smooth leather married to an aftershave base. Just when I think this will come off as too masculine on my skin, it morphs into a gentle leather or soft suede more like, supported by flowers whose notes I cannot discern. The dry down is gorgeous and reminds me a lot of the original Fahrenheit, which I also loved (and I think a woman can wear, no problem). It is not a sweet fragrance, and although the leather is not a butch one, I think it is truly unisex. The longevity is good (6+ hours on my perfume eating skin) and the sillage is quiet but present, in that I can catch whiffs of it as I move around, so I know that others can too.

A very wearable, classy, floral leather that can be enjoyed by men and women. It is a scent that I imagine can be used in both formal and casual settings. Sorry if my review is not glowing - I love this, I really do, but I have been up all night and dog tired, that's all! I do want to say that this is a glorious scent and I would like a big bottle of it, please. I have a few more leathers to test, but right now, this, Cuir de Russie, and Rien are at the top. Diametrically different, these two, but I think a body needs at least two different leathers, depending on where you are going and what you are doing.

Charmed by it's clean clear point to Imperial leather soap.
Sets itself apart from other leathers in my cupboard by suggesting a Violet Suede purse. It offers a bright Green Spring to me and has whispers of my Gran's old Morris Minor with Red Leather seats.
A happy scent with a sprinkle of Cinnamon in the mix.
3 spritzes and I am fresh all day.

This is a truly fine, understated leather fragrance. The leather and floral elements flow through one another so sensuously. This strikes me as a very feminine leather, but also could be ravishing on a man. Lovely.

Beautiful HazeTransparent, floaty, diffusive. Green, dusty and just slightly leathery. I didn't love this at first smell, but it grew in my mind's eye so that even when I wasn't wearing it, I was imagining it. This to me is the scent of horses and hay and grass and the quiet hidden places in nature. Very evocative and never brash or overwhelming. Just slightly flowered, but in no way feminine. It smells like a place, rather than a gender or an occasion. My favorite Heeley by a long shot.Pros: Delicate and classyCons: Too light for some"

A gorgeous leather which grabbed me with its visceralness. It is the compelling true-to-life smell of the inside of a soft leather handbag imbued with floral perfume. The fragrance is very present, sensuous, tactile, and immediate because of a clear sense I get of its having a physical reality on my body. Cuir Pleine Fleure keeps me completely in my body.
This is a refined leather with soft deep violet and light, glad mimosa, a fortunate combination which makes for a sophisticated blend. It just doesn't seem to make a wrong move at any point and feels like an instant classic. It has no sense of histrionics, no over-striving, no statement, but just is, which to my nose sets perfumes with true character apart - their sure sense of themselves. That sureness resonates strongly in Cuir Pleine Fleur. Its sensuous sophistication is infinitely satisfying.
I'm partial to leathers, and this is what I've always wanted mine to smell like. I always thought I preferred the rougher qualities of leather, the friskiness of Bandit. Instead I was seduced by a purr. It has eclipsed my other favorites. When you're dating, you're open to different people, experiences and nuances. But when you fall in love, all those smaller likes and pleasures totally disappear in the face of it. That is what happened to me with this one. It's my Holy Grail leather at this point.

One of my personal favorits. It opens with lots of violette leaf, very green, earthy and bitter. I get tons of birch tar too giving a nice smoky anbience and some spices to balance the composition. AS It drys it gests softer but still wodsy and dry, I also get some honey. The suede in it is very luxurious and soft but not buttery or creamy the image that comes to my mind is a Prada suede jacket. The composition is very modern and very transparent but also retro in a way because o the tar. Its very unique, I´ve never smelled a russian leather like this. It lasts all day but its a skin scent. Usually when I travell this is my scent, very versatile and it gives me confidence.

This is the whisper that gets my attention, because it actually has something interesting to say. A gorgeous hazy suede with a penumbra of the sweet ‘acacia' note, a touch of honey and rose, spreading across a landscape of cut grass and birches. Whereas most leathers have the feel of a long unopened cupboard or attempt to impress by amplification, this one belongs in the outdoors, smelling almost as good as fresh country air. Sniff it up close and it can be quite a dull thing: muted powdery leather with a bit of birch smokiness. But leave it be and it will creep up on you and surprise you with an irresistible sweet just rightness from time to time.

Gorgeous floral woodyleather. The flowers smell dried, and the scent is birch-cool. To tell the truth, because this smells as much like camphorous cool birch wood as smoky birch tar, it is as much woody floral as floral leather. Butch, animalic, overpowering? Not by any means. This is in the same vein as Lancome's Cuir, but less sweet, less syrupy.

Cuir Pleine Fleur is a gorgeous scent with a lovely set of contradictions that keeps my interest through its restrained, but long-lasting drydown. Translucent but quite direct, flowers (and aldehydes?) tell you it will grow powdery, but it grows dusty, focusing attention on the dried flower quality. It feels like it will get cozier after the topnotes, warmer and more of a skin scent. Fortunately it doesn't and its coolness (spectacular in a dry, warm climate, btw) maintains that piercing quality even when faint. ‘Brisk' scents often start with a refreshing tone , but usually lose it after the topnotes. It's easy to find a scent you like that melts into your skin and is sensed both those around you as a warm ambiance. Cool in every sense of the word, Cuir Pleine Fleur, without the usual citric, lavender or spiced notes perfumers rely on for a bracing topnote, stays wonderfully crisp.

Certain smells to me are associated with purely sensory pleasure removed from sex and its attendant psychology. Have you ever just rolled around in a pile of autumn leaves in New England? The scent, the blanketing sound, the feel of crispness without sharpness, the remnants of the red and yellow colors in the drying leaves. It's a synesthetic experience I can still bring to mind 30 years later. For whatever reason, Cuir Pleine Fleur is a small taste of that sort of experience. The sensibility is convincing, disarming , really, without seeming lavish. You don't make something like that unintentionally or lazily. Exquisitely composed.

Ah, the classic smell of Cussons' Imperial Leather soap, with 8 hours longevity!
Superb. If you want to extend/layer this fragrance, track down the soap (pink bars, often available in Asian/Indian markets, since it was a popular British export) for next to nothing!

Heeley's Cuir Pleine Fleur alias Fine Leather is a stunning cool, radiant, floral and musky leather prominent fragrance with a plain violet-cedar accord that reminds me a lot the same chord present in Iris de Nuit ( which is more shadowy, musky and endly smoother than Fine Leather). The smell is aromatic and averagely sweet but the role played by the suede with a touch of smoke produces a sort of alternance between the leathery opacity, the musky-aromatic (slightly  resinous and anisy) coolness from vetiver and birch tar and the sophistication of flowers. The smooth opacity of leather is wonderful counteracted by the radiance coming from the floral note of mimosa (that balances the shadows from the violet) on the side of a cedary white powder and an airy vetiver that imprint light to the whole composition. The high quality of suede, the floral translucency and the talky-boise' final smoothness turn this scent out as a sort of optimistic and versatile shining juice with its airy vibe that is ideal for the sunny spring days and that is wonderful early at morning in the middle of the nature. I'm hooked by this fragrance and recommend it decidedly.

Cuir Pleine Fleur by Heeley - One is initially treated to an enchanting, herbaceous melange. Violet leaf with its marked greenness, akin to grass clippings, couples with the bittersweetness of bergamot as well as the sweetly floral and faintly woody aroma of mimosa. An illusion of a hay-stacked pasture is consummated. Transitioning to the heart, a nascent, leathery castoreum blooms, while lovely black locust adds its indolic, orange blossom flavor and hawthorne imparts its slightly honey and almond aspect to the exquisite opening blend. Immersed in the augmented mixture, the resplendent leather takes on a refined, suede-like aura. An undercurrent of aubepine, with its slightly rose-like odor and anise-like facet, as well as the wintergreen of birch carries the luxurious, leather concoction to the waiting base. The sumptuous leather is lifted by the woody birch, which comes into its own, with its somewhat medicinal and spearmint facets marrying with the earthy grassiness of vetiver as well as the pencil shavings of Virginia cedar. An elegant drydown ensues. A majestic scent for all seasons, this polished, masculine composition has average projection and good longevity, 8-10 hours.

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