Cuir Ottoman 
Parfum d'Empire (2006)

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Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire

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Cuir Ottoman is a women's perfume launched in 2006 by Parfum d'Empire

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Reviews of Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire

There are 49 reviews of Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire.

Like a flower bouquet wrapped in leather. i have visions of dashing, James Bond-esque types rebelling in old time glamour.they are smoking cigars in leather-upholstered penthouse interiors and flirting with martini sipping ladies with meticulous absolute dream of a and powdery, beautiful labdabum is such and exquisite perfume,so good,so gorgeous.

It starts out classic and dry by the famous strange leather feels like the entire apartment has transformed so the walls are made of leather,that there are big birch trees growing up from the floor.later the dark and smoky part of the leather settles down and it gets a lot this point the iris gets a little bit more prominent together with a soft,and very smooth,warming hint of vanilla, labdanum and benzoin.but it still is the iris and especially leather that has the leading role in this incredibly beautiful creation that stays on my skin all day long.

Back in the day, in the mostly-hot place where I grew up, men's grooming routines were pretty much a splash of woody-spicy after shave to the face and a good shake of talcum powder down one's front. Cuir Ottoman brings back that memory – with waxy iris substituting for the talc and a spicy amber for the after shave. One smells sweet and ready to go out, all slicked back hair and buttoned down shirt. The cuir is not the main event here, only gaining prominence late in the wear – not a problem for me, as few leathers hold my interest for an entire day. What I do miss is some spark – this feels a bit like Dior Homme waltzing with Old Spice, but they seem to keep stepping on each other's toes.

Very nice fragrance overall with good longevity.

Ambre Russe comes to mind with subtle nuances of leather.

I prefer Ambre Russe over Cuir Ottoman.

Thumbs up!

As someone who loves leather scents, I had to try this, and try it I have--several times, in fact--but somehow I still can't quite make up my mind. I admire this fragrance for its rather determined and single-minded approach to leather. In fact, I don't think I've smelled any other scent that replicates bag and shoe leather this realistically; I'm just not entirely sure I want to smell like a Coach or Hermes store. But maybe I do! Maybe this scent if the classiest thing going, and I'm just too much of a plebeian to realize it. Or possibly, I have just been spoiled by my close relationship with CHANEL's version of leather to genuinely appreciate this unadorned, unanimalic iteration. Perhaps I just need to meet this fragrance at its own level. Hmmmm....

Cuir Ottoman is my second try from Parfum d'Empire, after Ambre Russe, and I detect a connection to Ambre Russe, but Cuir Ottoman is more middle-of-the-road, at the meeting of several different types of fragrances: leathery, powdery with the iris, resinous with tolu balsam and benzoin, and spiky with styrax.

The resins foil the iris excellent, and present a less sharp leather/iris fragrance than, say, Dior Homme Parfum, and I imagine that most of the time, that makes Cuir Ottoman preferable to DHP.

Performance is good, not quite as good as Ambre Russe, but still worthy of the type of scent it is and going rate (retail is $160 for 100ml at Luckyscent).

Overall, this is one I like but don't love. I'm picky enough about leather fragrances that I much prefer the more modest floral leather Knize Ten that I tried earlier this week, for one.

7 out of 10

Its nearly Christmas as I write and my nostrils have become well attuned to the smell of Scotch whisky. So, when I was going through a selection of scents today it wasn't difficult to pick up on the opening gambit of Cuir Ottoman as a booze fest for the nose. Not exactly a single malt but not far off...

Later in the winnowing process what turned up was iris. I can't be more specific because it wasn't a perfume review I had in mind but something new for the upcoming festivities.

Can't say that Cuir Ottoman smells much of leather, and neither does it remind me of the land of Turkey, but then, hey, I'm no expert...


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