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Maître Parfumeur et Gantier (2011)

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Cuir Fétiche by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

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Cuir Fétiche is a shared scent launched in 2011 by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

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Reviews of Cuir Fétiche by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

There are 13 reviews of Cuir Fétiche by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier.

Maître Parfumeur et Gantier, which is now the name of a perfumers on the rue des Capucines, was once the title given to artisans who would supply Louis XIV (d.1715) with scented gloves - and other items that were used by the royal household to keep away the stench of poor hygiene at Versailles.

It's also possible that MPG's fragrant leather Eau de Parfum was inspired by the gloves worn by Louis and his entourage, items that were first made fashionable by Catherine de Medici his distant ancestor (b. 1519).

So, calling this Cuir Fétiche - which can be translated as Mascot Leather - is appropriate because it can be seen as emblematic of the brand's co-opted origins. It's also a good catchy name for the product.

Although it's hard to know what Louis' gloves smelled like, never mind the original ones given to Catherine by an unknown Grassois glove maker, the modern scent isn't without precedent; but it's not quite as grand as all that.

In fact it's a good evolution of Knize Ten (1924) - although it's more complex than that. Enriched with fruity and deeper animal facets, honeyed flowers and powdery iris, the rubbery-bitter aldehydic leather is still there all the same.

Which gives Cuir Fétiche, or - by another translation - Leather Talisman, an old time feel. The name can then be traced back to Medici as well, who knew astrology and was said to be a magician.

The glove leather and the iris are a perfect combination, kind of a lipstick and upscale leather appeal. The vanilla and the amber keep it accessible and wearable, the ylang ylang, jasmine, and rose keep it very grown up and classy, the musk and the sandalwood keep it sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy. Loving this!

After an initial ‘Not again!' screwing of my nose at what seemed like powder compact florals (which can age a perfume by a century) this settled quite nicely into a funky floral leather. So overlook the first volley that smells like one of those fur-coat-and-powder jobs that have been lying around for too long in the bottle and gently decaying. But focus on the decay, because as the perfume begins to bloom you'll note that the floral notes that come into their own are enriched by an indolic fullness suggesting not only glorious peak flower power but also a bit of wilt. It's quite bewitching and pairs seamlessly with a soft, worn leather accord and some buzzing musk.
Its dirt without feeling dirty, something that classic French perfumery excels in and Cuir Fétiche is in that mould. If the superficial impression is of grande dame refinement, that lingering suggestion of unmentionables brings a flush to her cheek. Unburdened by the sticky baggage of resins and spices which make some leathers unbearable to me, Cuir Fétiche is still a pleasingly complex creation, not too strong, offering the nose a variety of impressions, which overlap and tease.

Hadn't expected to like this but I do.
I find the leather note to be soft, aged and classy.
The florals are rich and substantial, but not heavy.
This has a real old-school veneer.
Bit of a metallic twang in the dry-down. Some have called it "ashtray". I think it comes from the patchouli and musk. The dry-down gets a bit sweeter but also smokier which is a nice touch.
Not my style, but I think it is a nice scent.

The opening of Cuir Fetiche is of a classic, waxy-soapy leather scent halfway Cuir de Russie, Cuir Mauresque and Knize, but quality-wise quite far from all of these; no hints of Chanel's opulence, and no austere, dusty, dark elegance à la Knize. There are faint and derivative echoes of all of that, but nothing actually close to those. A cloud of powdery, herbal and plummy notes makes the leather accord softer and gentler, making Cuir Fetiche also globally similar to modern – vintage – leathers like Bel Ami, although the same quality gap applies here too. Basically it's like a teenager piano student trying to sound like Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli or Rachmaninov – still better than someone who can't play at all, but probably not memorable yet. Delicate and nice as much as dull and without any distinction or originality; a decent alternative for leather lovers only.


A wonderful surprise! It deserves more attention than the massive shrug it seems to have gotten around the Internet. It's a floral leather in the vein of Chanel's Cuir de Russie and Cuir de Lancome, but is far heavier on the birch tar than either of these, and therefore considerably smokier. The leather is also a little bit more butch, with the opening reminding me strongly of the cracked leather in Bandit. But this is a brief impression - as the scent progresses, the leather becomes this soft, supple handbag leather.

What's important to mention here is that Cuir Fetiche, while not filthy, is not exactly the clean, sanitized thing reviewers seem to paint it as either. In fact, it contains a good deal of properly dirty animal pong. The dirtiness is coming from a powerful musk that runs up from behind the opening leather note, and totally dominates it from that point onwards.

There is also quite a bit of filthiness coming from the florals, which, surprisingly for me, I can smell very, very distinctly as a very indolic jasmine and a fabulously fleshy ylang. Usually in these floral leathers, I can pick up a fuzzy outline of florals but can't really distinguish separate flowers in the mix - here I can. The florals are in clear focus here. Although I am not a big floral lover, the floral accords here are extremely enjoyable. The jasmine in particular smells like it is decaying straight off the vine and into my lap. The indoles in the jasmine act as a sort of bridge to the dirtiness of the musk, enclosing the leather accord in an aura of naughty naughty.

I really like this one. It's probably a bit redundant in my fragrance wardrobe because I already own more Cuir de Russie than I could possibly use in a lifetime, as well as a bottle of Cuir de Lancome, and a decant of Cuir Pleine Fleur. But I do think it brings something new to the table - first of all, I am not sure I have seen a leather that derives its animalic pong from a dirty musk before, and I am pretty sure that I have never seen a leather accentuated with such delineated and realistic florals either. It smells both natural and naturalistic. Definitely worth considering if you are into the leather genre in particular, and easily unisex.

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