Cuir de Nacre fragrance notes

    • angelica root, ambrette absolute, aldehydic ozonic notes, cassia absolute, iris concrete, leather accord, sandalwood, white musks, styrax resin

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Goes on a lovely ambrette iris, almost like Heeley Iris de Nuit, but dries quickly to perfume-y suede with pepper notes and white musk. Kind of screamy and not likeable on dry down for me.
1st January 2022
She managed to get away from work earlier that evening. She is in her boudoir. She put the finishing touches to her outfit, a sheer white blouse and an open black leather vest, tight leather skirt, pointed courts, a flick of mascara on those dark brown slanting eyes, pale lips, her honey-coloured hair spilled over her shoulders like a waterfall...she looks at her watch. She spritzed some Cuir de Nacre on her neck and chests, she heard keys on the door...he is here.

She looks at him for that instant, caught him. When he came into the house was filled with the smell of woman, a mixture of powdery and leathery scent. It was wobderul. She shifted in the leather sofa, her leather rubbing against that of the leather sofa, making a smell of leather mixed with that of her scent, it is intoxicating. As the music played she began swaying back and forth, her eyes closed. That short vest fell back. He could see in the semi-light ample breasts barely contained in a half-bra and that blouse was open almost to her waist.

All she did was slide deeper into that leather sofa, of course leather against leather caused the already too short skirt to slide even further up, and up. She was looking right at him, her chest began to heave as her breathing increased. He reached for another music and brought his face right up to hers, he never got to the music, he was drawn to that mouth like a magnet. She put her hand on the back of his head and drew him into her mouth. Their tongues met, not gently but in rush of passion. He felt her hand on his head, moving him towards her breasts and he willingly followed. He could smell that perfume between her breasts and it drove him nuts, he popped that nipple into his hungry mouth and started suckling like a baby and the music played quietly, it was as if they were in their own world,isolated from the universe, time had ceased for them... that is this fragrance!
12th May 2021

This is a femmy, old fashioned, classical composition updated with a bright-light-on-an-opalescent-surface sheen. It has a big opening accord of just barely softened aldehydic white flowers giving way to a pretty, vanilla-floury (not flowery) note that softens to a more conventional, ladylike talc/iris heart, which definitely sticks the landing. The drydown has a nice touch of vanilla and fresh tobacco, gently hinting at a touch of leather rather than going for the whole animal. Fairly large sillage for an iris scent--handle with care.
18th January 2016
I got a sample from Lucky scent when I purchased Knize ten. I didn't pay much attention as it was my honeymoon period with Knize ten. But after emptying sample of Cuir Nacre, I found myself wanting more and missing it gone. It quickly went up to my list of things I want next.
It smells like very expensive leather that provokes image of someone very privileged. This perfume makes you look expensive, elegant and poised.
2nd April 2015
Cuir de Nacre opens with a dominant powdery makeup-like iris note, as traces of underlying suede leather add early balance. As the composition transitions to the early heart the iris settles down into smooth near liquid support of the now starring soft suede that continues to grow in intensity while never overpowering the iris. During the late dry-down styrax now takes on the mantle of approximating the leather while adding a subtle spicy facet, as the iris now combines with slightly sweet sandalwood and near transparent clean white musk for added weight. Projection is below average and longevity average at 8-9 hours on skin.

Iris is not a note I am fond of so when it appeared as powdery makeup in relative strength early I feared the composition would not impress... In short, I was wrong. Duchaufour has a knack for finding incredible balance in his compositions, and Cuir de Nacre is no exception. He uses just enough of the suede early-on to counter the powder of the iris, with the two almost seeming as one by the time the suede grows into the star during the mid-section. The two aspects blend so perfectly that they engender the completely believable effect of smooth liquid suede. By the time the composition starts to wind down the transition to the mild spiced leathery styrax, white musk and sandalwood trio is extremely polished and controlled. The only potential negatives are in the performance department as the composition is just slightly more than a skin scent; and for a perfume billed as an extrait de parfum concentration Cuir de Nacre appears more on the weaker side of the potency spectrum. The bottom line is the $165 per 60ml bottle Cuir de Nacre is yet another fine addition to Duchaufour's already lengthy resume, earning an "excellent" 4 star out of 5 rating and a strong recommendation. This one is an absolutely gorgeous unisex floral suede leather!
19th November 2013
Opalescent Suede At last edition of Esxence I had he chance to meet Ann Gérard and test the beautiful trio of fragrances Bertrand Duchaufor composed for her. Cuir de Nacre starts with a perfectly recognizable quote of another BD creation featuring leather, La Traversée du Bosphore- thrilling, for people like myself who love quotes! It lasts only few seconds, then the fragrance veers to drier, more airy and bitter territories. The leather note- more suede than cured leather- is laced with flowers- iris, but also a transparent, fresh, haunting note that I associate to lemon flowers, or magnolia (none of them is listed, anyway). The drydown is very soft spoken, almost evanescent, with a bittersweet vanilla note. A beautiful fragrance, on the whole, maybe not very original and with a modest sillage- it soon turns in a skin scent, rather appropriate though to Ann Gérard idea- perfume as a jewel you wear for yourself, very close to your skin.
3rd June 2013