Cuir de Chine 
Les Indémodables (2016)

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There are 3 reviews of Cuir de Chine by Les Indémodables.

Stale apricot jam that was slopped onto a new, suede leather garment. Wafts of floral tea, brewing in the kitchen. No jasmine, do I smell outwardly. Hours later, faint tobacco aroma. Lasts for many hours. Different from a lot of fragrances in my possession. Enjoyable...
Sep 3, 2021

Mmm...I'm really enjoying the opening of Cuir de Chine by Le Inemodables. The osmanthus as mentioned is an apricot like suede that is the main player from the opening. There is a green tobacco leaf as well as a slight floral from the jasmine, but it's extremely well balanced and I could definitely wear this year round. An excellent fragrance overall, just brilliant.
Jul 30, 2021

Cuir de Chine

Oh how odd! This is exactly the smell of hugging my smoker aunts when they came in from the cold! More ash tray than leather, I think. But as Etat Libre d'Orange thoughtfully pointed out with their Jasmin et Cigarette fragrance, there's something about the acrid smell of stale cigarette when combined with florals.

I do get more leather as it dries down. Leather of the minty type found in Kelly Caleche. It appears that the leather note is from a hefty dose of Osmanthus.

Despite my odd comparisons, I do enjoy this and appreciate the materials and execution.
Mar 16, 2021

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