Cuir Cannage 
Christian Dior (2014)

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Cuir Cannage by Christian Dior

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Cuir Cannage is a shared scent launched in 2014 by Christian Dior

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Reviews of Cuir Cannage by Christian Dior

There are 22 reviews of Cuir Cannage by Christian Dior.

Leather is written all over this: a fairly smooth and minimally smoky leather, but not the suede type. It is quite bright due to an hesperidic input, and later a bit of orange blossom.

More florals try to join the action, mails a - hardly powdery - jasmine that is a bit darker in character, going together well with the leather. Some dark rose comes and goes, but it is weaker and no match for the dominant leather. An iris that I could perceive occasionally is equally unable to make its mark in a significant manner. the leather is just too strong.

Some spices are also present for time to time, including a fairly bright coriander and whiffs of clove, but the leather is and remains to No.1 component throughout.

I get strong sillage, excellent projection, and six hours longevity on my skin.

This Is quite a bright and smooth leather, but lacking any of the tarry character that is the hallmark of Creed's Cuir de Russie; Chanel's original as well as the thinner current formulations of its Cuir de Russie are overall sweeter. Cuir Cannage lacks the harshness of Knize Ten, but is a bit closer to the latter's Golden Edition. Some reminiscences of Parfum d'Empire's Cuir Ottoman are of note. It lacks some variety in its development and the leather is maybe a bit too dominant; other ingredients are pushed aside on me and there are somewhat generic. The performance is very good. Overall 3.5/5

Had this for a while now, just forgot to give it a review.

So in my honest opinion, this is fantastic. Yes it is very powdery floral, silky smooth and almost buttery.
Smells fantastic, spray this on and it is deffo leathery and Oriental, then get more powdery as the first hour passes. Iris and I think I pick up on the Jasmin notes too. I find this very Unisex.
Classy and prob better suited for a dressed up occasion. This is like a older cousin of Dior Homme.

Overall 8.5- 10
Performance 8 -10
Sillage 7.9 -10

Leather iris

Reminds me of if Dior Homme and Chanel No. 5 had a baby. Powdery, floral. Saw someone mention a lhuere bleu feeling, i feel that. Beautiful. Not super masculine, unisex. No rough edges, good blending, good quality ingredients. Thumbs up. Not fbw for me though.

Agree wholeheartedly with other reviewers that this fine, fine leather-based fragrance is VERY close to the Knize Ten scent, with some minor differences.

Cuir Cannage lacks that petroleum accord that is evident in Knize Ten. It does have a nice floral touch from the rose, jasmine, orange blossom and iris notes. It ends up also with a curious powdery quality, a distinction from Knize Ten and other leather scents.

CC is smooth, thought-provoking leathery goodness that smells as pricy as a full bottle of it costs. That may be the split point for many who otherwise admire this beautiful unisex fragrance and may opt for Knize Ten, Chanel's Cuir de Russie, et. al.

And it has a classic, old-school vibe that doesn't mean it's outdated, but rather a very pleasant fragrance that hearkens back to a time of old fashioned hard work in the leatherwork craft. Definitely worth a test!

kind of surprised with all the different comparisons in other reviews that no one seems to have mentioned my nose, this is somewhere between Knize Ten and Cuir Ottoman...a slightly toned down industrial leather with a nice touch of flowers....slightly animalistic...killer projection and very good longevity...a must try or buy for leather lovers IMHO...when I need a fix of good old leather without being drowned out by other notes, this is a good one...the only thing missing , for those that might be wanting it , is the gasoline vibe...doesn't really exist in this one...

I have been sampling this for a few months, testing it at the Dior stores. The first time I tried it I said 'wow' and I still do. It's true that it doesn't bring in new elements and that it is quite similar to Lutens and Knize Ten. But its smell is of exceptional quality and it lasts longer than the others when I made a comparison. So, I got a bottle in the end.

Floral leather fragrances are beautiful and perhaps 'sexy'. There is a juxtaposition of feminine and masculine notes which is compelling. I don't find this feminine and it does not smell like a lady's handbag, not at all.

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