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Cuir by Lancôme

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A relaunched version of Revolte / Cuir, part of the Lancome Collection.

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Reviews of Cuir by Lancôme

There are 43 reviews of Cuir by Lancôme.

Smooth and plush, Cuir de Lancome has just the slightest birch tar in its leather, rendering just the right layer of smokiness in its opening, at first bold and imposing, then descending into a magnificent floral polish in its heart. I pick up the presence of hawthorn (one of my favorite notes, an anisic, powdery, hay-like floral) as it combines with a muted indolic jasmine.

What's most noteworthy is the presence of styrax, which extends the leather into the drydown. The resinoid from the Styrax (Liquidambar styraciflua) has exceptional fixative quality, especially with florals, and has a curious styrene-like quality to its top note. Here, it also extends the top notes of the leather accord into the base paired with orris, delicately equipoised, making for a stunning skin scent. Cuir de Lancome is a beautiful and underrated floral leather.

Very pretty, girly opening. Heavenly blend of mandarin and saffron. Bergamot doesn't kill it for me here. I get a lipstick accord.

The heart is floral-sweet with resinous hints and dots of patchouli. The sweetness is in the background - not sickly or anything nasty or overdone. It's like someone squeezed all the girly nectar out of the jasmine and ylang ylang to create this ultra, femme heart.

Orris / iris moves into the picture. Hints of freshly-cut birch-wood. A little dose of styrax later on... A little more strength of styrax in time... and, it deepens. Nice!

Honeyed soft brown leather :
with a powdery base, quiet flowers and later a spicy edge. Nice, but too sweet for my taste.


Part FB swap
It has the worst fitting lid you've ever seen

Ethereal fresh opening, soft and plush, smells like high quality leather goods on a powdery background. It gets sweeter and timid floral notes emerge in the heart but can't compete with the powdery aspect that dominates. As it begins to dry down, the powdery notes make way to spicy ones.

Saffron with a nice styrax and leather backbone; it all comes off as a polite, soft, dense suede. It's a little doughy. Low sillage, quickly become a skin scent, but it's resinous, mixes well with personal chemistry and hangs around.

Cuir de Lancome reminds me of a new-smell suede jacket I bought decades ago from Bermans Leather, “the leather experts” and quintessential mall specialty store. I really liked that jacket. Every time I watch Pulp Fiction with Butch hopping those fences, trying to be invisible, creeping his way back to his pad to grab his watch, I think of that jacket. Memories and scent!

CdL is rather simple. It's not your typical russian leather like, say, Aramis or Bandit.

Montale Aoud Leather and Al Haramain Red Jafran oil (very strong) have a similar saffron. Chanel CdR les exclusif edt and CdL share a similar styrax leather base and feel, as well.

My bottle is from '07; I assume industry restrictions affecting styrax related material will hurt this one.

Most leather fragrances are more masculine. This one is a feminine leather. Not much leather, but more of a supporting note. It is mostly Ylang Ylang and saffron. An elegant fragrance with hints of vintage women's frags before they turned into generic sweet/florals.

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