Cuir Beluga 
Guerlain (2005)

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Cuir Beluga by Guerlain

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Part line of fragrances launched in 2005 'L’Art et la Matière', where different perfumers create a scent based around a "raw material". The line is available at the flagship Champs-Elysees store.

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Reviews of Cuir Beluga by Guerlain

There are 38 reviews of Cuir Beluga by Guerlain.

Fizzy floral notes, followed by smooth, creamy vanilla-patchouli. This, lasts for hours.

Soft, pale beige [colored] suede note with delicate flowers, in the base.

Utterly delightful!

Though lovely, this has nothing to do with smelling like leather. It's more like the softest, finest suede. It is fairly linear and upon first sniff it smells like the most expensive play-dough. There is a whiff of cherry and almond there, eventually going into gourmand territory with its vanilla base -- powdery with fluffs of heliotrope and the warmth of amber.
This stays close to the skin. Persistently clingy, personal. Not a sillage monster either.
I would find this difficult for a guy to pull off, unless you like doing parody. Or want to strut your stuff -- as a dandy.

A Guerlain, nonetheless. Though the price-point is a tad steep.

If you're wondering why Guerlain named their leather after a type of sturgeon - don't worry, Cuir Beluga doesn't smell like caviar, the word simply means 'white' in Russian. And if that brings to mind Cuir de Russie you're thinking along the right lines; not that this is anything like the Chanel classic. Being little more than a white 'suede' floral on a base of fudge, Cuir Beluga is actually more like a bad iris gourmand. If its Russian leather you want get the Chanel.


It smells not exactly like suede, but it smells like a high end store that sells suede. It's delicious, opulent, and a little smokey. There's a lot of depth to the scent. It's also quite long lasting.

I'd call this perfume is my long lost love. I discovered it in an Oliver Polge sampler set and it sent me down a rabbit hole of trying any and all Guerlains, but no other was as lovely.

It became my most expensive perfume buy last year and I was initially disappointed at the new bottle. Fresh and from the atomizer, it has a very bright amaretto note. It made me worry that there was a reformulation or even that my initial sample had been compromised. Luckily, a knowledgeable friend suggested that I try decanting into roller ball bottle and apply that way. It really does smell better dabbed or rolled on compared to the spray. Also, now that the perfume has aged a year it has definitely settled down to match my original decant.

The initial impression I get is that of a dark, smoky vanilla, as if frankincense was being blended with coumarin. It's pretty much linear for me, no development. With the heliotrope note I expected something close to L'Heure Bleue, Apres L'Ondee or the house of Etro's Heliotrope. What I don't get is any leather at all, not even suede, which at least a hint of orris would have provided. Cuir Ottoman does come to mind but the musks in that powerhouse were brutally magnificent and here they are much softer. It's almost impossible to include immortelle in a fragrance without it taking center stage with its burn sugar caramel note, but here it is quite shy, just perking up the corners of the dark musks used.

While not blown away by this, it is certainly quite good. Certainly lovers of vanilla/musk scents should give it a try.

Another impossibly beautiful Guerlain masterpiece. If you've made it this far into your Guerlain research, and you haven't sniffed Cuir Beluga yet, you still have at least one extreme treat to look forward to. At exactly the moment at which you've decided that Guerlain can't add anything new and pertinent to the vanilla/Guerlainade conversation, along comes Cuir Beluga to blow the doors wide open again. Layer in gorgeous suede/leather notes, with an extraordinarily beautiful powdery effect on top, a little heliotrope sheen in the middle, and you have another excuse to praise the gods of fragrance. Cuir Beluga is a bona fide masterpiece, one of Guerlain's crown jewels. High likelihood you'll fall in love. It's pretty irresistible. Don't overthink, just surrender to the loveliness of Cuir Beluga.

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