Cucumber Melon fragrance notes

  • Head

    • honeydew melon
  • Heart

    • cucumber, jasmine, muguet
  • Base

    • musk

Latest Reviews of Cucumber Melon

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I was a junior in high school when this had debuted and due to this perfume... I loathe cucumber!

Not even kidding, the hallways of my high school reeked of this garbage because naturally, teenagers know absolutely nothing about how to properly apply a scent so every girl that wore this bathed in it which it's quite strong in it's delivery, very chemical as well. I hated smelling this garbage and ‘a lot girls wore this. It was relatively cheap. Ever since high school, I associate cucumber smell and taste with beauty products so of course, I hate this and still do.
19th January 2020
It's alright,it's pretty: pretty boring, pretty average, pretty overused. I think everyone at one point or another has recieved some Cucumber Melon product(s) at least once in their life as a gift.
12th October 2008