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Cuba Red by Cuba Paris

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Cuba Red is a men's fragrance by Cuba Paris

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Reviews of Cuba Red by Cuba Paris

There are 26 reviews of Cuba Red by Cuba Paris.

Worst Cuba I've had so far. It's pure pencil shavings and pepper on steroids. And I'm not quick to say cedar smells like pencil shavings.

Maybe it's just a bad batch but this 2-ingredient scent is awful and obnoxious.

I got this because I wanted a new tobacco. Unfortunately there's no tobacco whatsoever in mine.

It's decent enough, but it's pretty much just a lesser version of Remy Latour Cigar, which boasts better performance and more complexity than Cuba Red.

Spicy and kinda dirty. The muskiness of this is what really drops the ball for me in terms of the scent. There are some nice things going on here with the tobacco, spices, and sweetness, but that muskiness really dates this and makes it almost unappealing (kinda old man). Otherwise, it's a very masculine scent that seems to be appropriate for colder weather but I haven't tried it in warmer, so it might be good there too.

Projects nicely for the first 2 hours, then fades away.

Seriously.........."More Bang for your Buck" has never been truer. This scent is MANLY so hands off ladies.

How can they sell this so cheap and yet have it smell so sophisticated?

One spray will do but you can get away with two if not in confined spaces or at work.

Spicy and Tobacco-ey(?) but not inscense/headshop/kitchen type of spice-like.

If you are here reading reviews because you're short on cash and you wanna spend it wisely..........then this is IT!!

Thank me later...........

If you enjoy tobacco frags then "Cuba Red" should be part of your collection if for nothing else the value and awesome cigar shaped bottle with a mug shot of Ben Franklin on the label.

Tobacco and cedar, very linear, lasts for about 90 minutes, available year round at TJ Maxx for $10 bucks.

2 stars.

If you want to smell like a cedar cigar box filled with fine cigars, boom, get this.

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