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Cuba Grey is a men's fragrance by Cuba Paris

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Reviews of Cuba Grey by Cuba Paris

There are 5 reviews of Cuba Grey by Cuba Paris.

An odd and disappointing fragrance that is overpriced. It's as if it features third rate synthetic fragrances that lead to a cloying metallic twang. Cheap lavender can be very a toxic component in any assembly of fragrances. The best that can be said is that it is not literally nauseating.

This is the fourth CUBA I have tried. CUBA RED is still the best with its wonderful tobacco cloud. Decent but not for me were CUBA ORANGE - floral sweet with honeysuckle prevalent - and CUBA BLUE - a wearable oceanic scent.

CUBA GREY is the first one that I find to be "vile." Its harsh and metallic burst does not give up, even after scrubbing. It smells very generic to me - something a sports celebrity may glom onto as a marketing scent.

Definitely for me a failure.

Virtually identical to Eternity for Men to my nose. It doesn't last very long, but that is balanced by its inexpensive price.

A strong lavender broadcasts itself in the opening of Cuba Gray. It is not a particularly interesting lavender–it is actually quite generic and boring and it is placed in an uninteresting accord. The movement of the fragrance consists of a lessening of the lavender accord. I don't pick up the vetiver, and the woods that are supposed to be there are marginal. It is an ok fragrance for the lavender lover without very high demands, but, basically, it is pretty bland. I do not care for the accords presented, so I was pleased to find out that the fragrance doesn't last very long.

This one smells similar to Aspen from Coty when I wear it. It's not the longest lasting Cuba either. Okay but not great.

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