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Cuba Green is a men's fragrance by Cuba Paris

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Reviews of Cuba Green by Cuba Paris

There are 7 reviews of Cuba Green by Cuba Paris.

It seems that most "green" fragrances are centered around the use of vetiver, and this hay/grass aspect isn't always pleasing. Cuba Green does not use vetiver, but the lemon and florals and the very light touch of musk are lovely, rich, and sweet. They do form a pleasant, clean and fresh-soap fragrance that leans slightly toward a honey type of sweetness, and it is reminiscent of Horizon, but thinner and not as heavy. I received a number of compliments on it as a daytime, workplace scent.

Nice clean fragranceYes, to me, smell similar to Hugo by Hugo Boss. The only problem are longevity and sillage that in my skin are very poor, but hey, it's a bargain fragrance. Regards.Pros: Green, Nice and Clean (and cheap)Cons: Longevity and sillage"

A very nice green and woody scent that stays fresh. Opens piney green and soapy later on the woods come out. The drydown is citrussy and sharp. Brilliant value and a lovely scent.

This is a derivative fragrance from the nineties. It is dry and woody, reedy actually, and reminds one of the far more expensive Penhaligon's Artemesia.

Cuba's imitations of so many best selling men's scents manufactured in the US cover a great range and since they are so inexpensive ($2-4 per bottle), they do fit a niche in that one can enjoy inexpensively a scent one is enamored of in higher priced product lines.

This is the fifth Cuba I've tried. I love the RED (tobacco), but am not a fan of BLUE (oceanic), ORANGE (sweet floral), or Grey (vile and metallic.) Nor am I of this GREEN.

However, they do serve a purpose, are well made and inexpensive.

Like a cross betwen Escape For Men and Horizon, Cuba Green is an early 90's styled herbal and woody aromatic fougere that is quite good. I find it lacks the fruitiness of Escape, but it has a similar subtle sweetness mixed in with the herbal notes. It all dries down to a dry, charred wood smell very similar to the drydown in Horizon.

Not particularly unique, but very nice indeed, and a bargain to boot.

MY RATING: 7.5/10

This seems to be an "homage" to Escape for Men, though I find this more subtle, and for me, in this case, that means more wearable. There seems to be a mild herbal element, rosemary perhaps, and the base is a rather blended, though clearly a little ambery. At first, I think there is citronella, along with some fruitiness, and the latter persists for a long time. If you hate any fragrance that even hints at a "bubble gum" quality, avoid this one. Overall, it's okay as a change of pace, at least for me. The atomizer is very fine (on my 100 ml bottle) so I have to spray at least four times whereas I usually spray once or twice with other bottles. I'll give it a positive review because it's not "bad" in any way and for the price I don't feel justified in criticizing it for not having any "special" qualities. This is quite "rounded," so don't expect any harshness, "green" or otherwise.

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