Crystal Noir fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blackcurrant, black fig, violet
  • Heart

    • tuberose, frangipani, jasmine
  • Base

    • sandalwood, cashmeran, vanilla pod, heliotropine

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With my skin chemistry, I would not call this an oriental floral, those notes get lost with the iced blackcurrant and powdery cashmeran. I would liken this more to an oriental/fruit opening with a long dry down to warm vanilla sandalwood. The base notes last all day. It's a pleasant and bright beginning then the fade is sensual, so definitely a date night scent. For a designer fragrance, it's complex and deep.
11th November 2022
An opaque cashmeran bomb that in its later stages projects a pleasant synthetic sandalwood about 10-30 feet away while smelling like gardenia up close. A creation very much of its time, bearing similarities to Tom Ford Black Orchid.
17th March 2021

Crystal Noir, aka "Man Magnet," is the hands-down sexiest, most bombshell, head-turning fragrance I've ever worn. I absolutely LOVE it and it has been my signature scent since the day I was introduced to it by a fragrance expert at Nordstrom in Scottsdale, AZ. I get compliments galore, from women and men, including being stopped by complete strangers who have to know what perfume I'm wearing. This seductive fragrance is for confident women who own their power and are unafraid of being drop-dead sexy. Crystal Noir is a very unique, complex scent and not many women wear it, at least I've never encountered another woman wearing it, which I love. The heart of Crystal Noir is a deliciously creamy gardenia with a hint of coconut. I've seen the notes list tuberose or gardenia in the middle, but it smells like gardenia to me. Somehow, the the heart is maintained in the EDP dry down. The EDP has incredible staying power that you can smell on your skin the next morning. The EDT smells exactly like the EDP but disappears within two hours, so I don't recommend it.

The shower gel and body lotion also smell exactly like the perfume. Applying the lotion all over might make it too strong for the people around you. Ask a friend for an honest opinion on that. I use the lotion on my hands and a little bit on my neck and wrists, underneath the perfume, but only for dates. If you love gardenias (this is complex, not single note), I highly recommend Crystal Noir. If you like Dior Addict, Gucci Rush and Hanae Mori Butterfly, I think you'll like Crystal Noir.

Versace is my current go-to perfume house. Bright Crystal & Bright Crystal Absolu are both great fruity florals. I wear Absolu during the day/at work, if I want a fab fragrance that isn't so overtly sexual. Tons of compliments on those, too. I'm currently considering Versace Eros Pour Femme as a blind buy for a citrusy fresh fragrance that is still unique and sophisticated.
14th December 2020
Took me by surprise. I try not to gravitate towards alot of designer scents b/c alot of them tend to have the same DNa. This one really surprised me. For starters it's classified as a floral oriental which is good for me as I gravitate towards chypre and orientals (I basically enjoy smelling like an 80s shoulder pad boss). I don't tend to gravitate towards sweet smells, however, this is sweet and while not in the notes it has a hint of coconut which causes it to lean gourmand which I enjoy.

I have the EDT version and I have heard that it is different than the EDP. Like a reviewer said, this is the perfect night time scent for a stroll on the beach. I have a hard time with summer scents as I don't love fresh, citrus or overly floral scents. This is my perfect summer scent. It's got a nice warmth that grounds it but does not make it too much. Everytime I wear this I get compliments, even from strangers. While I would gravitate towards this in the summer months, I think it's suitable for all seasons and for all settings. I would rock this to work, to the beach, to the pool, a night in, a night out and a formal event.

I don't find it's overly sandalwood either. I think Santal 33 it overly sandalwood and this doesn't come close to that. It's nicely grounded in the sandalwood and vanilla.
22nd July 2020
this is perfect for an evening on a beach. strolling or partying.

it is a floral oriental fragrance. initial spray is quite spicy but slowly turn into a coconut(slightly) warm scent. at least on me.

liked it. also pretty presentation.

22nd January 2020
I've seen this referred to as a "black pepper nightmare with deep ginger claws."

Funny, that's just what I like about it. Seriously, it's the only one of the silly, giant "crystal" topped Versaces that has a personality.

Normally, I'm not a huge fan of coconut, but this is spicy enough to escape an umbrella-bedecked cocktail.

If this fragrance were a woman, she'd be fun to hang out with, but I'd watch her around my husband.
20th May 2017
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