This fragrance was originally known as Crab Apple Blossom

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Latest Reviews of Crown Bouquet / Crab Apple Blossom

This is an amazing scent.

I bought my bottle several years ago, but I didn't like it at that time. Something weird in it, can't really describe what it is. Anyway, last year, a perfume lover friend came to my place to sample my crown collection. She claimed Crown Bouquet is the best green turburose scent she ever had encountered. So later, I gave it another try and it didn't fail me. There is no weird smell anymore, just a beautiful heaven of green scent.

What interests me most is, though my bottle is at least a decade old and the composition is back to the 30s, it is not another granny stuff, it smells fresh, uplifting, and retains a sparkling quality from start to the very end. It's the smells of new mown grass, newly picked flowers, and not many floral scents could present this so well as Crown, mostly, they are sparkling at the first several minitues then go stale pretty soon or become too dirty for me.

I know sometimes it's skin chemistry problem, then again, only Crown Bouquet goes well on me. I think it's because this sparklingness, the scent never gives me "old" or "dated" feel. It may not be a young girl's scent, but still very delightful even by nowadays taste. And considering the period of its birth! in the 30s! I can't bring myself thinking people in that era could produce such a timeless beauty, stunning!
27th February 2015
What a pity this line was discontinued!
The Crown Bouquet is a floral chypre, sparkling from the beginning . Well composed, possessing a great longevity, I place it among my favorite green, clean scents.
8th December 2013