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4160 Tuesdays (2015)


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Perfumer Sarah McCartney says:

Ok, I admit. I made it, so I'm biased, but I know what I intended with this fragrance. It was a personal project - a very personal one - for Max Heusler. He wanted a fragrance that encapsulated his former wild life - a night out in New York with "freshly rolled marijuana cigars, buckets or rum cocktails, high class escorts, blackout and regret". It was never designed to smell like a warm, comforting, smooth ride of a fragrance. This was always going to be a bit scary. A kind of push it too far and you won't wake up next time fragrance.

Quite a challenge. Max was ecstatic about it; he hadn't really imagined I'd do it, but he wrote straight back to me astonished; he said that it smelled exactly like his leather jacket in 2003 that he'd given away, and had then been stolen.

The freshly rolled blunts seem to have caused the most controversy. Cannabis essential oil is not the "romantic marijuana note" beloved of the niche houses. This one is more like the smell a habitual dope smoker wafts by when he (usually a he) can't actually smell it on himself any more. It's a bit stinky. It sticks to the clothes. Or the sillage from a roll-up with a bit of grass in it. It's sharp and pungent; it also blends with the cumin to give the "dawn comes up and it's time to go home" smell.

I expected this one to divide opinion. I wasn't disappointed.

The other Crimes of Passion - Midnight in the Palace Garden, Be Careful What You Wish For, Goddess of Love & Perfume and Inevitable Crimes of Passion - are the extraits in the series and they are totally different from this. If you want gorgeous (in my view) get your hands on samples of those. Maxed Out is... something else.

Fragrance notes.

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There are 9 reviews of Crimes of Passion: Maxed Out by 4160 Tuesdays.

There is booze, coconut and coffee, but our complete waster Max smells of Black Hash fudge - in a Big way---sweet, but with a bitter edge that holds it down---If you think you don't like sweet perfumes, this one may change your mind---I find it strangely comforting---in a crazed Dean Moriarty kind of way.

Mad for it Max

Stardate 20171107:

Smells like hasish for a while. Cumin comes to play and soon this enters the Songe d'un Bois d'Été phase.
Leathery, cuminy - animalic.
Not my favourite type of animalic but very well done.

My second try of Sarah McCartney's house 4160 Tuesdays, Maxed Out is creation by Sarah for Max Heusler, a prominent YouTube reviewer, to commemorate his younger life of debauchery, and I for one am amazed by how many of the indulges fit so well together in one perfume.

At the opening, I'm greeted by a harmonious tropical trio of coconut, lime, and rum, followed by a dry down into more winter and stereotypically masculine elements of tobacco, coffee, and vanilla.

The wildcard here is the cumin which adds its characteristic spicy, animalic vibe without interfering too much with the overall rather sweet concoction that is the rest of the fragrance. Some other supporting characters balance the fragrance out with some smoothness and softness---specifically, cedar and musk.

On my skin, it dries down slightly less sweet than it opens, with the cumin in particular outlasting some of the sweeter notes, so while I enjoy the balance of the fragrance more during the first few hours, it remains quite interesting beyond that.

Overall, it's sweet, boozy, slightly woody, with hints of citrus and spicy bits throughout.

Performance seems pretty strong overall. It's not a huge projector but seems very resolute, not losing much steam after some hours.

Pricing is higher than most of the house as this is an extrait, not an EDP, so it's $150 for 30ml, in realm of being only purchasable if you really love it, which I believe I do.

Certainly one you should try if the great note list is appealing, as it does work out quite well.

8 out of 10

Dirty, dirty, dirty. The sweet open is nice, but it's kind of like sitting down for drinks with a companion of ill repute at the beginning of the evening in a club: everything has been cleaned and spruced, except for your companion. As time goes on, the tobacco and rum take center stage, but with a very noticeable undertone of sweat and weed. It's a great scent memory, but not for someone who wants to smell "nice". It's like a scent costume, or a "French shower" that couldn't quite achieve full coverage. It's very interesting, but not something I would wear.

This smells related to Buddhawood Box, to my nose. I'm finding the same Tang powder and/or Pop Rocks candy note, this time mixed with a fruit syrup type smell and a savory aspect. I like it.

The name holds a clue: Maxed Out. This one is edgy, arguably pushing the limit of what perfume should smell like, but I think it's done well, much better for me than Cadavre Exquis, as an example of something else I think smells intentionally edgy.

Opens with a blast of competitive cumin and sugary sweetness, sliding into a very lovely compromise that has surprisingly dialed-back sillage on me. The first few minutes seem like this fragrance would be unwearable in "polite company" but it backs off into something very compelling and only a little naughty. As to the cannabis essential - well, maybe? To me it's difficult to break any canna notes away from the cumin-patchouli alliance. A true unisex in that I think it will conform to the gender presentation of anyone who wears it - I feel very womanly wearing it but imagine it seeming appropriately burly on a more masculine person. Overall, massively intriguing and sensual.

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