Crime & Punishment 
Ensar Oud (2020)

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Crime & Punishment by Ensar Oud

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There are 2 reviews of Crime & Punishment by Ensar Oud.

Every now and again a fragrance comes along that knocks my socks off. The name would give the impression that this would be a rather broody fragrance, maybe heavier on darker ingredients. This is not the case here. There are soo many ingredients in this and it appears to me to be very skilfully blended but I will attempt to give you my thoughts. This one opens up with tropical creamy florals, very quickly on I get a raspberry accord which goes very well with the peach and ylang ylang. As the perfume warms on my skin the musky facets of this perfume start to show and really make the other ingredients sparkle, I wore this the other day and picked up a coffee accord also which I haven't noticed until now. Woody elements come in later on which are backed up by the ambergris and deer musk.... to sum it up this is a beautiful tropical, fruity woody musky fragrance which isn't too sweet at all. 10/10

Despite the early bad press attributed to the perfumer's perceived hostility to another release, this perfume has outlived the good and bad hype and is one of Ensar's finest spray blends. An absolutely smooth, black leather, dipped in narcotic florals on a bed of musk and ambergris. This scent creates the feeling that something like Puredistance M can only aspire to: of sitting in the leather bucket seat of a brand new (vintage) Corvette or Porsche, driving gloves on, one hand on the wheel, the other on the gear shifter. Oud leathers don't get better than this, and for the price, I expect the same.

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