Crazy in Love 
Montale (2021)

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This literally smells like the "bad girl" who influences all her friends too participate in unsavoury behaviour.the girl who your parents didn't want you to be friends with but her self-assurance and overt disregard for authority make her kind if appealing.this is such an aggressive beast.i find Crazy In Love to be just a little too much of everything.too sweet,too dence,too strong.

A strong and unpleasant opening,i don't like the top notes.then i smell a yummy sour jammy rose. it actually makes me salivate how delicious it gets.after some time it developes into this warm and sweet scent that fills up the smells very close to Nirvana Bourbon which is a lot less expensive.this is not a blind buy.the longevity is very good on my skin.
Aug 23, 2021

Montale’s amour fou is a sugar bomb, so all queasy or semi-comatose reactions are valid. The overdosing of sugary aromachemicals makes many of the heavy-hipped and sharp-elbowed legion of perfumes to which Crazy In Love belongs smell like inbred descendants of Baccarat Rouge. The significant difference here is the absence of the hospital corridor off-notes; instead, the point of contrast to all the syrup is a blast of freshening effects that at times smell like vocodered citruses and even ‘saffron’ of a sort, until they subside and the woody backdrop takes their place. A woody amber of immense sweetness, any roses here have been boiled into jam by the most determined of Montale pan-stirrers. OK as far as members of this torpid family of perfumes go, but it’s bound to remind you of a dozen other things.
Aug 21, 2021

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