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Crazy for Oud 
Mancera (2019)

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Reviews of Crazy for Oud by Mancera

Opening is typical abrasive, medicinal rose/oud that you find in many Montale/Mancera frags. The dry down is more pleasant, being dry, woody oud with a decent amount of floral touches and some laundry musk. It does have rose, but this doesn’t have that big saffron rose that many Manceras and Montales with our like to feature. Not too unpleasant or heavy. Could be worn in some situations where other ouds are too much. Just go easy on the trigger.

Doesn’t lean either way on a gender. Feels better for cooler weather and more dressed up occasions. If you like other Montale/Mancera oud/aouds then this should be on your try list.

Very good projection and longevity with only a few sprays.
Jun 30, 2021

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