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Reviews of Craze for Men by Armaf

There are 4 reviews of Craze for Men by Armaf.

Armaf Craze is a nice sweet gourmand type of fragrance. It opens with a warm vanilla note, the sandalwood gives a nice masculine accord to the opening. As the fragrance begins to dry-down the very nice almond, like a sweet almond biscotti, begins to emerge. Later in the dry-down some more floral notes begin to come through, very nice heliotrope, and the jasmine in the background. After a few hours on the skin I can detect the cumin, it provides a light spiciness, seemingly to elevate the composition a little. Armaf Craze is well blended, interesting and enjoyable. It is a very bold scent, and perhaps a bit too bold for my personal liking, however I think many younger men would enjoy it. Craze reminds me of the bold type of sexy scents that you may catch at an Indian nightclub or a Lebanese wedding reception. Performance wise this has great longevity, to the extent that this strong, sweet scent may outstay its welcome and if over sprayed could easily become cloying. Craze lasts all day on my skin and projects beyond arm length to leave a noticeable sillage trail. Overall I think it is a good fragrance but one that I would consider very carefully where and when I would wear it. But for a younger man who wants a good clubbing/party fragrance, perhaps something that would be a sexy attention grabber in a boisterous social setting then I think Armaf Craze would be a good option. I'm certainly glad that I've tried it, and I'm sure I'll find occasion to enjoy wearing it again.
Nov 16, 2021

Armaf Craze is essentially a clone of Parfums de Marly Pegasus, with its signature sweet-and-sharp almond-dominant delivery, also containing mixed florals, citruses, spices, and a creamy based of sandalwood, vanilla, and amber. It doesn't come off terribly floral but surely has a mixed sweet, spicy, woody, and powdery blend, not at all atypical of almond-heavy fragrances. It's not controversial, but is still interesting, a cold weather option that walks the line between playful and serious.

It performs reasonably well, comparable to the original based on my recollection, and I'd certainly suggest that fans of Pegasus looking for a cheaper option at least look into it, as Pegasus tends to be $150+ for a 125ml bottle, even on the grey market. I purchased a 100ml bottle of Craze on FragranceBuy.Ca at around $23 US, so at that price, it's a bargain even for those like me that aren't dazzled by its scent. It's decent but not outstanding to me, something nice to spray on a cooler day, but it could be the answer to Pegasus' fans prayers as a cheaper alternative or stop gap.

6 out of 10
Sep 30, 2019

Has the same powdery, clean, sweet vanilla-almond smell that you also get from Pegasus. I wore them on opposite arms today at work and I find Crave to be very similar in development and performance to Peg with Craze maybe being a little more airy with regards to smell. This is a safe blind buy in my opinion, especially if you like Pegasus.
Jan 10, 2019

No matter what you feel about ARMAF as a fragrance house I have to admit they can put out some pretty decent juice at reasonable prices. Craze is no exception. While it is no perfect clone of Parfums De Marly's Pegasus its play on Almond and Vanilla places Craze right in the same genetic. At around $30 Craze is a great purchase if you don't have an extra $170 for Pegasus. Craze is great juice for the money!
Dec 3, 2016

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