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Parfumerie Generale (2002)

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Fragrance In Three Words: woody weedy earthy

I tried this off the back of the reviews on YouTube as well as the fact it is one of most popular fragrances in the PG line. I'm sort of indifferent to it.

Starts off with Indian Hemp oil. This note is unmistakably cannabis smelling, but without the ashy burnt notes I usually smell when I am in the less salubrious parts of town. It's pungent and earthy. A similar note is used in Lynx/Axe Vibes (2020) range of fragrances. As you would expect PG's is much richer, but if you just want the hemp notes Lynx have done an incredible job for £3.

The drydown is earthy and woody with patchouli. I was reminded slightly of those weird shops that burn incense sticks and have Moroccan carpets in the window and ceramic figures of Buddha. I got some very subtle tobacco which was less dry and rich than in Pure Havane in the latter stages.

Lasted around 5 hours on skin. I enjoyed this, but not enough to spend £138 on the 100ml bottle. It does what it sets out to do it, creating a multifaceted experience out of what is seemingly a one dimensional concept.

Scores: 6.5 out of 10
Source: 1ml decant from respected website
May 20, 2021

Big double thumbs up...with the way weed cultivators can cross breed and create exotic strains I can see the smell of this fragrance being done as Coze 02 Kush or Coze someone that enjoys the smell of various strains this really hits home for me...I'm not a huge fan of gourmands and this does not fall into that category for me...IMHO I would call it a Spicy Woody Oriental...I get the clove effect pretty strong for a while...a serious woody patch...some smokiness...the tobacco/cofffee/vanilla accord bears a resemblance to Eau de Iles and L' undercurrent of a very nice weed note runs me, full bottle to wear...
Sep 2, 2019

Sumptuous patchouli fragrance. Specifically, a lot more going on here: there's a touch of pimento pepper (similar to Piment Brulant, but more subdued), some clever nuances of cocoa-chocolate, and a two-faceted accord of 'green' tobacco (no sweetness) and marijuana. In fact, it smells quite close to someone smoking a beedi (a form of cigarette common in the Indian subcontinent) - especially if the smoker was also wearing patchouli oil.

However, here's the great thing about Coze: despite its diverse elements, it is coherent, suave and and has a rugged sophistication. It is also very well-crafted, easy to wear; expansive and makes one feel good. While it is a patchouli fragrance, it is not a one-note bore but is multifaceted, and in the same 'patchouli plus' group that would include Coromandel, A*Men or Nicolai's Patchouli. I also find it to have some 'green'/herbal elements, similar to Devin or Wazamba.

There is hardly any sweetness in this, and the overall vibe is dry, dusty. Finally, it is an EdT and wears exactly as it should. It is a little loud initially but quickly tones down in thirty minutes when its best dynamics come into play, and it is very soft after six or seven hours.

One of the most unique (and wearable) perfumes on the market.

Jan 26, 2019

Coze smells very bitter and aromatic. Green to brown macerated herbs. A bit of tiger balm. A lot of saw dust from fresh pine wood. Very special. I don't know if it's wearable, but it's well done and can be sniffed!
Feb 26, 2018

Stardate 20170808:

Spices and wood. Dry hot wood shop.Some incense. Reminds me of CdG Black a bit.
It is dry but not too much. I think the sweet ingredients are added in small quantity. Just enough to strike a balance that stands on a knife's edge - a smidgen less and this would be too dry.

Neutral to Thumbs up
Aug 8, 2017

Warm. Aromatic. Bittersweet. Narcotic. Hypnotic. Dusty. Woodsy. Musky. Masculine. Sweaty. Leathery. Raunchy. Dangerous...

I wore Coze for the first time the other day and it wasn't long before I had to stifle a chuckle. It was giving me a high.

"Gosh! This smells you've been up to no good!"

Girls, remember those guys your mama warned you about? They smell like this.
Feb 27, 2017

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